Mar. 30, 2003

What Really Matters

I stayed home last night and just rented movies. Two of them I didn't get a chance to watch.

Around 1am my cell phone rings. "Kevin cell" is what the caler id says. answer and he starts in about how I was at his house last week (to see "him"), and I didn't even call him to let him I know I would be visiting.

I asked why he didn't say hi to me, and this is how he repsonded:

"Well, I saw you coming out of my roommate's room ('him') and it was a little didn't even call me to let me know you were coming here."

"I was going to call you..."

"when!?? After you got done fucking ----?!!"

"Who says I did that?"

"You spend the whole fucking night w/ him."

Then, he went on to ask who was better...he started insulting 'him', which I actually found to be pretty funny.

But he told me that I was sooo much fun, because I 'know how to do it'. I'll admit, he is fun too. But I didn't go over there, despite his major prompting.

I probably look really bad; fucking 2 guys in the same house. How does that make me look...

Does 'he' even care though? Sometimes I don't think he does, which makes me not care either. Sometimes it doesn't matter to me how all the guys in that house perceive me. But other times, when I wanna visit K, I think to myself, "what really night of fun (and I DO mean fun), or my history ith 'him'."

missdahling at 4:54 p.m.