Apr. 02, 2003

I'll Show You Mine ....

Yesterday at work I let a co-worker take pictures of me...topless. They are to send to someone who is fighting in the war. He was told about my nipple ring and wanted to see it. No big deal, I don't even know this person, plus, my face isn't in the pix.

I was so pleased. The pictures actually turned out really well. One is a close-up. It actually looks really artsy. Like a drawing that someone would paint.

After the pictures were taken, I was talking to Kevin on the internet an I told him about them. I knew he would ask for them. I was hesitant, but I agreed to email them to him. I emailed him the close-up.

He said "that is an awsome pic. I opened it up and opened really big, right in my face. It's making me really horny."

^a compliment; I think.

Maybe it was stupid of me to send him that pic, even though he agreed that it was for his viewing pleasure only.

I know that if 'he' finds out about it, he will be mad. If not mad, then not very happy. I could deny that it is me, but I think he knows my naked chest pretty well.

At first Kevin said that he was going to use it as wallpaper for his desktop. I said,'oh no youre not! what if people see that."

His repsonse was,"noone will know it's you unless they've seen your titties."

3 out of about 8 people in that house have.

oh well, I'll just hope that he doesn't show people, at least 'him'. We agreed that he owes me for this ;). He will repay me sometime.

I did it out of pure fun. Fun, is fun, right?

missdahling at 1:47 a.m.