Mar. 29, 2003

Driving Around the Coal Region

I came into work today to find that someone had eaten practically all of my food that I purchased on Wed. night. This fucking pisses me off. I don't mind sharing food at all, but they ate it when I wasn't here, without even consulting me. Those stupid fucking idiots. Never again will I buy food and leave it here while I have my days off. Fuck that.

Last night Heather, Liz and I took a trip to Shamokin. We were out driving around till about 2am. Our purpose was to look for Heather's boyfriend. She thought he might be up to something sneaky. We didn't find him though, which sucked, but it was still fun, just hanging out.

So here I am at work...I have reading to do for psych, so I guess I'll get on that. Peace.

missdahling at 3:16 p.m.