Nov. 18, 2002

Start Your Engines ... unless you're having car trouble

hm...What did I do today? This morning I scheduled my classes for school. I am taking general psych, since I got a D in it the first time; and I am also taking one other class which teaches about social work or something like that. It'll be similar to psych. Im taking it as an elective because nothing else really fit into my schedule. Both classes are in the morning on MWF before work. It would be kinda nice if i had a friend who had classes the same times as me so that we could car-pool.

About a half an hour ago on my dinner break, I get in my car to return some movies... I put the key in the ignition and my fucking car will not start!!! My dad is supposed to come and try to jump it. Hopefully it will work. It is definitely time for a new vehicle. I need to start looking for one as soon as possible. I want something really cute (and fast), but affordable. Well, it has to be affordable. I will not go into debt.

That's all for now. I might write more later if I get a chance.

missdahling at 6:14 p.m.