Nov. 17, 2002

Kevin Calls

I've been at work now for half an hour and already I am hungry.

Last night my sister and I rented movies. We got 'Saving Silverman', which I thought was a funny movie. It was recommended by my friend Jiles, who we happened to run into at the video store. The other movie that we rented was a little odd. It was about this girl who falls in love with a mentally retarded boy. mmmmK.... Not to sound shallow, but I could never be in love, or even date a retarded person. I cant even imagine what that would be like!

After the movies were over, around 2:30am, I went to bed. About 30 minutes later Kevin calls and wakes me up. I guess I was in stage 1 of the sleep cycle, so I woke up. He hung up before I could answer, but I called him back. Not sure why I did it, but when he answered, I didnt say anything. Just sat there on my bed listening to him say,'hello?? helllooo? HEEELLLOOO....' until he finally hung up. Then he called back and I answered. We talked for like 5 minutes and then he said he had to go because his stomach didnt feel well. Kevin said,'I wish u were here behind me to make my stomach feel better.' Is it weird to find things like that flattering? because I do.

I am supposed to give him a call when im in town so we can hang out. I think I will. I really miss being wanted.

Tomorrow I schedule my classes for college that start in Jan. I am only taking 2 classes, 3 at the most. When school starts, I'll still be working, hopefully I can stay fulltime. I really dont want my hours cut.

I have decided that I want a new car. Not sure what kind yet, but something that fits my personality. I want people to look at it and think,'wow, that is definitely JENN.' If I save my money, I should have enough for a downpayment in a couple of months.

missdahling at 11:08 a.m.