Nov. 20, 2002

Wanting Him To Want Me

What did I do to make 'him' not want me anymore? Doesnt he find me desireable anymore? Am I not nice enough? Or did he just get bored with me? I wish I knew the answers.

I'd like to tell him how I feel and even apologize. Id say I was sorry for not being what he wanted me to be; and sorry for anything that I did wrong.

I kinda like it when we dont see each other for a long time. It makes it even more special. I like him telling me how much he missed me, and nice I look, etc. At least I can feel wanted for at least one night.

::sigh:: maybe its over for good this time.

I have off work tomorrow and Friday. yippeee!!! But i babysit tomorrow, all day... cant complain though..i need all the money I can earn.


I am talking to Taryn on instant messenger right now. We have decided that we do not need boys. So therefore, Im through with them. Honestly, I am.

missdahling at 7:36 p.m.