Nov. 04, 2002

The Freaks Come Out At Night

My diet really sucks. My meals are only once a day. I love to eat, but I just dont take the time to do so, or I just dont feel like eating. I just got back from Burger King. That was the only thing I ate all freakin' day. Before then, I hadnt eaten a thing since last night at Denny's.

Last night I went to Sue and Jason's new apartment for the first time. You might think that the idea of my friend living w/ and dating my x-b/f would piss me off, but the thing is, I dont care at all. I think its kinda cool actually. It shows that Im totally over that. I give myself credit when credit is due. props to me!

So, Sue, Jason and I chilled at their place for awhile....had a beer, and then Lynn came over. I was so happy to see her! The entire time Jason was on the phone looking for weed. He finally found some after about an hour. While Jason and Sue went to get the weed, Lynn & I cruised around Bloom for awhile. Then, we picked Erica up at her boyfriends house and went to Dennys.

In the midst of all this, I decided to call Kevin. Pretty random, I know; but hey, 'random' is the perfect word to describe my relationship with him (as well as many other people). We talked for awhile...I'd say at least an hour total. We didnt talk about anything important, just the norm. I liked talking to him though. Why did I call him? I really dont have a reason. I wonder what he thinks of me just calling him outta the blue. Hopefully we can hang out again. Prolly not such a good idea, but I dont care! My feelings are really mixed up and confused. I dont know who I want, or what I want from them....right now its Kevin, but who will it be a week from now??? a month from now??? boys...*sigh*

While I was talking to Kevin at Denny's, crazy things were going on around me. Apparently, some stupid mother fuckers walked out of the restaurant w/o paying their bill. The waitresses called the cops on them too. These kids were thug-wannabes. We were making fun of them from the moment they walked thru the door. Lynn and I went to look for them, but had no luck finding them. On our way to pick up Erica, Lynn was telling me how she went to Denny's w/ Erica, Sue and Jason a couple weeks ago...Lynn turns to me and says,"Beware; the freaks come out at night." Apparently, this is true.

So that was my night. It was nice seeing Erica and Lynn again. They are such cool girls. As far as Kevin goes, I'm supposed to call him again this week, or else he is going to call me. We'll hang out maybe?? gawd, the saga continues....

missdahling at 6:43 p.m.