Nov. 03, 2002

"Life is an STD"

Vanilla coke is rockin' my world today. We finally have it at work. I get tired of the other sodas in the coke machine. I wish I had some food to go with it. After work Im gonna get fast food or something, even tho I hate it. My whole family will be at my sister's field hockey banquet, so looks like I'll be going home to an empty house.

Jason and Tom just called my cell phone. Theyre looking for weed and not having any luck finding any. I am also calling around, but it's a lost cause. I don't know who else to try and get ahold of. It would be nice to smoke too. The earliest I can get any would be tomorrow. This sucks.

It's been awhile since I've smoked. The last time was about 2 weeks ago at Adam's. Noone had a bowl, so we had to be all ghetto-like and make it out of a soda can. It got the job done tho. Matt, me, and some girl I didnt know sat in the livingroom and smoked while everyone else played flipcup. I probably shouldnt have even went to his house that night because whenever I do, I end up 'misbehaving' in some way or another. I wont even discuss what I did that night. Not that it really matters....

It's really cool hanging out with him because we both know where we stand with each other. There are no false words said to one another and neither of us have to pretend that we care. Some people might consider him an asshole, and maybe he is, but I respect him. At least he has the decency to be honest w/ me instead of playing games. In a way, Adam rocks my world just like vanilla coke does!

When I leave his house in the morning, I dont have to worry about whether or not he is going to call the next day or whenever. I go on with my life not worrying about it, and I know that I'll talk to him eventually. I am totally fine with that too. Honestly, I do wish that he'd call me more, just because he is soo much fun and we always have a good time together. However, he knows that I hook up w/ other guys besides him and vice versa, but its okay because its like we have this unspoken understanding.

Remember this:

"Life is a sexually transmitted disease"

missdahling at 2:32 p.m.