Nov. 13, 2002

The Timing Couldn't be Worse

'If someone asks you what time it is today, dear Capricorn, remind them that the time is right now. '

That was part of my horoscope for today. See, the reason why I think it never seems to work out with 'him', is not because we dont like each other, or because we dont care about one another; its because the timing is all wrong. Timing is everything. Maybe neither one of us is ready for the 'serious relationship' that we always try to have. I mean, who knows, in the future, we actually could end up together w/o having to strive so hard to make things work. At least, thats what I hope.

Guess who decided to give my cell phone a ring last night??? yup, you guessed it....Kevin. We only talked for a few minutes because I was on my 'real' phone w/ Liz. Not sure why, but I text messaged him today, telling him to call me later tonight. And if he doesnt call, this is the last time! Seriously, Im going to be thru with him.

After I get outta here (work), Brandon and I are going to eat at Perkins. I think I'll get a milkshake. Yum!

I'm talking to my friend Matt on IM. I met him my very first day of college. So many good memories of parties and things... makes me really nostalgic. Matt took me to my very first party. oh god, what a time! I remember very little. oh, fun times! and that also bring back memories of 'him'.....

missdahling at 7:28 p.m.