Nov. 16, 2002

Play Hard To Get

So, yeah..I think it was on Thurs. night when Kevin called me. He left a voice mail that hardly made sense. Not that I care, because I drunk dial too. However, I did not call him back. I'll wait and see if he calls me tonight or tomorrow. Then, I'll either answer my phone or let my voice mail pick up and call him back. Maybe playing hard to get is the way to go in this situation. What do you think?

It was supposed to snow like whoa today. Freakin' weathermen always seem to be wrong. I am actually glad that we didnt get a snowstorm. I like them, but I hate driving in it. Cold weather depresses me. I need to move to Cali. Santa Monica, right next to venice beach. What more could I ask for?! oh yeah, who cares about the least itd be warm and far better than where I live now.

Right now, I really miss 'him' :(

missdahling at 4:28 p.m.