Jan. 21, 2003

I'm Just a Concerned Friend

Right now I am just chillin', downloading music, and watching a movie.

If I dont get my period this week, there is definitely something wrong. Seriously, I just wouldnt be able to deal with the reality of being pregnant. Pray to God that Im not.

Anyway, school starts on Wed., not today like I had originally thought. I forgot all about today being Martin Luther King day. Silly me, right?

Liz and I are really worried about Ana. Apparentally this new guy that she is seeing is introducing her to some hardcore drugs. Not good. I know how Ana is too...she is easily influenced and tends to fall out of sync very easily. I would never want anything to happen to her; for she is one of my best friends.

As much as I like being up real late at night, I am so lonely right now. Practically everyone on my buddy list has an away message up. I wish there were someone to call, or that someone would call me. I do not like being alone.

missdahling at 1:59 a.m.