Jan. 21, 2003

Anticipating the 1st Day of School

*sigh of relief* I am not pregnant. Def. next week when my period is over, I am going to make an appointment to get on birth control. No more worrying each month about whether or not my period will come. Enough of that shit.

Yeah, that was my excitement for today. Sad, isnt it?

I know that when tomorrow morning rolls around, not only am I going to be tired, Ill be nervous too. College starts.I hope this all works out for me. This sounds stupid, but I wanna make new friends.

Goals For the Upcoming Semester:

1. Get A's in both classes

2. Make some really good friends

Before work today I went to the bank. After depositing money, I now have around 1000.00 in my checking account. Some of that will have to go towards buying books, but the rest will go toward my 'new car' fund, which I desperately need. I am hoping to get a new car by the summer. I want an eclipse.

No, I have not talked to 'him' recently. Upsetting yes, but I also (unfortunately) expected it. I need to get outta this ordeal.

Wish me luck tomorrow at school. Thats all for now. Peace.

missdahling at 7:55 p.m.