Jan. 19, 2003

Just Rant

It really pisses me off. I just read a friend's (well, she used to be my good friend) weblog. She used someone else's id and got into the fuckin' bar last night. The girl who does not drink, got into the bar. I love alcohol waaaay more than she does. I deserve to go to the bar. I would appreciate it more. Why go there if youre not even going to appreciate the alcohol, not to mention the hot guys you could pick up. 1 more year and I'll be having the time of my life!

I hung out with Liz last night for the first time in forever. We sat around and talked about the usual topics.

For some reason we decided to call this kid, Matt. He is the biggest dork ever. We didnt even really talk to him, just sat there and laughed at him. He said,'I see youve been drinking again Jenn.'

Funny thing was, neither of us had a drop of alcohol. Fun times.

I start school tomorrow. Now, I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 7-8am. My first class starts at 9:20, and I have to allow myself time to get there. I hope this goes well.

Also, I need to make some new friends. Im sick and tired of not meeting new people to hang out with. I mean, I hang out with people all the time, I just dont have many close friends. Im hoping I'll meet some new people in my classes.

My goal is to get A's in both classes. Im only taking 2, so how hard can it be, right? Im actually kinda excited about going to class again.

Still havent talked to 'him'. Why dont I just give up.

Ill probably write more later, but right now, I have to go. Later bitchez.


missdahling at 10:46 a.m.