Jan. 18, 2003

She Works Hard for the Money

I am workin' Cinderella style. I suppose I am getting used to working my weekends with the new guy, Joe. Although he cant replace Eric, hes a pretty chill guy.

Speaking of which, Eric msg'ed me today on instant messenger and goes,'can i tell you something?'....

I said yes and he then went on to say that while he was working w/ me, he had a crush on me. He said that I was really beautiful, I was such a great person, etc.

Now, he told me this once b4 when he was trashed, but never again mentioned anything about it until now.

I thought it was kinda sketchy, but I liked the compliment.

Im skeptical to believe that it was actually him who I was talking to. It sort of seems like a joke, like someone's idea of a trick.

The last thing that i said to him was,'but u love heather. Heather was his g/f whom he lived w/ b4 he moved.

After I said that, he signed off. I guess ill talk to him later? I dunno, if it really was Eric, he paid me some really nice compliments. He is such a great guy and I do miss working with him. Everyone at the office misses him.

Note: I should be getting my period this week. If I dont, then something is wrong.

missdahling at 4:35 p.m.