Jan. 15, 2003

Bitch Award Goes Out to Megan

My sister was being a complete bitch today. Earlier today, a lady had called for her and she wasnt home. So, I took a message and wrote down the name and number.

Well, Megan called me while I was at work and literally screamed at me because she couldnt read my handwriting. There was a lot of yelling, which resulted in well, Im not sure who hung up on who first.

She really pisses me off sometimes. Of course it will most-likely be all forgotten tomorrow. I try to hold a grudge, but cant.

Anyway, I just got done talking to 'him' on instant messenger.

'I wish you were here.' ... those are always nice words to hear.

Well, Im off to bed.

missdahling at 2:30 a.m.