Oct. 26, 2002

The Crippled Kitten

Well, tomorrow is the last day that I have to watch those freakin' horses. It isnt so bad because my sister is going w/ my to clean stalls. I just have to feed them.

Today, I walk in the barn...there I am feeding the horses like usual. All of a sudden, I hear this loud,'MEOW.' What happened was, one of the horses stepped on a poor, little kitten! The kitten tried to hobble away, but of course it couldnt walk. My sister suggest we take it to the vet's. This may be mean, but I was just thinking of leaving it there. I know I know! I feel horrible now for even thinking that because it has to get it probably has to get it's leg amputated. That's how I deal w/ things though...I leave them behind for someone else to worry about. Why did that kitten get stepped on? That is just wrong.

missdahling at 4:15 p.m.