Oct. 23, 2002

My Future As I See It

Getting up at 6-7am every morning to feed horses is not fun. I am so thankful that I am only doing this for a week to help out a friend while she is away (and i get paid for it). As I told Liz last night on the phone, I will own horses and board them somewhere when I get older. That way, I get outta doing the work. I just get to own them and have fun with them. I'd like to have 2 horses (1 quarterhorse and 1 thoroughbred; both will be x-race horses). My rich, gorgeous husband and I will go horsebackriding 2gether.

I told Liz that she could come and visit my husband and I anytime she wanted to. I would even pay for her plane ticket to Beverly Hills, Ca 'cuz im such a good friend. Then, we could go shopping (Rodeo Drive of course!!) and catch up on old times. Obviously, Id leave my child at home w/ the nanny. i might pick up a few cute outfits for my beautiful little girl or boy (does versace make baby clothes???).

ok, at this point in the conversation, Liz had to throw in a comment like,"yeh, I can see you cheating on your husband...one of his friends would have a problem, and you guys would let him stay at your house, youd go to his room and hook up w/ him! u slut!'

Yes, she actually says things like this to me (LOL) anyway, my response to this was, 'oh no!! he wouldnt stay in our mansion, he would live in the 'guest house' right next to our mansion. Not that I would EVER cheat on my husband... you all know me better than that! c'mon! gimme some credit! puh-leaze!

My beloved husband and I will live such a happy life. We will travel to many different parts of the world, meeting many people. Every night, we will be invited to the best parties, drinking and getting wasted off of the best alcohol. We will get high off of the best weed. Everyone will know us for hosting the funnest, wildest, most outrageous parties!! Who cares about cleaning up; the housekeeper will take care of it in the morning.

Seriously, I know that none of this will actually happen. I'll end up marrying a loser, pathetic drunk that picked me up at the bar one night. I'll end up doing something to piss him off (as i always seem to do in relationships) and he will leave me. Thus, my quest for love starts all over again. LIFE SUCKS!!!!

missdahling at 6:29 p.m.