Dec. 09, 2002

Security Blanket

I absolutely love laying in bed with 'him'. Last night was so much fun. I went to his house around 11. I'll admit, I felt awkward walking in the door. All of his roommates, including Kevin were in the living room/ kitchen. Not feeling like dealing with them, I quickly said hello, then proceeded directly upstairs to his bedroom. I cant help but wonder what Kevin thought when he saw me walk in. oh well, I havent talked to him since the morning after I slept with him (about 2 weeks ago).

We were holding each other while watching the movie last night. I was perfectly content being in his arms, both of us under the covers. I thought to myself,'what could be more perfect than this...'

Of course we had to stop the movie midway. While laying there, the cute way of holding each other had turned into some not-so-innocent 'cuddling'. We both wanted each other so bad.

I fell asleep in his arms after we were finished having sex. I cant think of a better way to be put to sleep, can you? C'mon now, falling asleep next to the person that you care about and like? awww yeaa...

Actually, I dont know which is better..falling asleep eith 'him' or being woken up in the middle of the night by him. I guess I wasnt in a deep sleep because I kept stirring and kinda waking up. Every time I'd stir, 'he' would like, move to a different position to hold me. As soon as I knew it, we were both awake. I love having sex in the middle of the night like that.

Being there with him last night totally intensified my feelings for him. I wanna see him again soon. I hope all of this is going somewhere and not leading to a kind of dead end like it usually does.

missdahling at 6:16 p.m.