Dec. 08, 2002

Dressing For a Masquerade

My night yesterday was far from exciting. I got home from work, took a nap, and basically watched tv for the whole night.

'He' called me around 12, but i didnt get to my phone. I guess it didnt matter anyway because he called back a little after 4 am and was (Im assuming) just getting off work.

I was, and still am, disappointed that we didnt get to hang out. Another time I guess.

Although I pretend not to care about 'him', I do. I've realized that. Telling myself I dont is easier because then I can also pretend not to be hurt. Sometimes I actually believe that I dont care about him too.

When it all comes down to it, I want him to be my boyfriend. I want to call him after I've had a bad day; or call him after I've had a good day. After a party, I want to go to his house and know that he'll be waiting for me and happy to see me. I want to know that he is mine.


~Alrite, Im at work and im posting again. What can I say, I'm bored. Also, I was reading a friends info on instant messenger. Heres what it had to say:

-are they really that important.....

-would you miss them if they were gone....

-do you mean what you say....

-if they saw you once a week would you give them all you're time or just some of it...

you should never take someone for granted...cause it could be to late when you realize it

always be straight forward ....dont go behind their back...

"why would you be doin something you dont want them to know anyway"

RIGHT???????? or is that unrealistic

-does this make you think? i would hope so

^I really liked that. Think about it

missdahling at 12:35 p.m.