Dec. 12, 2002

Brotherly Love

As I was getting out of my car at work tonight, I see a boy, who looked about my age, just standing in the parking lot. I was wondering what he was doing. Rap music was blaring from his car as he stood outside of it looking at it.

He says hi to me as I open my car door. I said hello too. Then he tells me that he has locked his keys in the car and wondered if I had a sharp object so that he could unlock his doors. I gave him a pen; he reached into his window, which was about 2 inch. open, and pushed the lock with the pen.

He opened his car door, picked up my pen, which he had dropped, and handed it to me.

"thanks", I said.

The boy extended his hand and said,"im matt."

Thinking that he looked a little familiar, I asked what his last name was. Well, waddya know!!! it was Matt *******.

Taken back a little, I just looked at him and was like,''

He then said,'do you know me?'

A little apprehensively, I repsonded by saying,"uh, i know your brother."

What I was thinking was, I fucked your brother last yr, as well as his best friend!

"oh, you went to school with john?"

I said,"heh..yeeeaaah..." ::smile??::

I didnt really know what to think. Basically, after I found out who it was, I was just like,'oh gaaaawd...'

I was tempted to ask how John was doing, what he was up to, ...but do I really care?

missdahling at 7:40 p.m.