Dec. 07, 2002

A Chauffer to Work

I hate snow! I'll start off telling you about what my day was like on Thurs. ok, Wed. nite we got hit with a snowstorm. That was fine because Thurs. is my day off of work. Well, dont ya know, Thurs. morning I got a phone call, which wakes me up. It was work wondering if I could come in. I politely told them that I couldnt do it. They said ok, and we hung up.

About 2 hours later my boss calls me and offers to, get this, come to my house, pick me up, and take me to work! I was pissed. I had already told them no. Dont they get it?! I was not changing my mind!

So, Thurs. I had a relaxing day at home. I got alot done. I made choc. chip cookies (yes, I actually baked something!) and did some wash.

The snow is still on the ground and temperatures are in the 30's. I think it sucks. The other night on the news, a reporter said,'A wintery blast may put you in an icy straightjacket.' haha.

Liz and I went to Ana's apartment last nite. The new Austin Power's movie is funny. I usually like drama too.

It was the first time I'd hung out with Ana in about a month!

I guess Ana's bedroom is officially the 'smoke room'. Of course Ana's other friends had to be there at the same time that Liz and I were. Luckily we didnt see much of them because they were too busy getting high. Nice of them to offer us any. assholes!

I really hope that 'he' and I can hang out tonight. We made plans a couple days ago. However, he starts a new job tonite and doesnt know what time he will get off work. At least he remembered that we had plans. Supposedly 'he' wants to see me, so he'll call me tonite and let me know what is going on.

What am I getting myself into? Why do I always fall into this trap? It seems to be a redundant, ongoing cycle...y must we play these mind games with each other? I cant believe im playing into it again. :-

missdahling at 4:36 p.m.