Nov. 24, 2002

Sexual Soreness

Ana, Liz and I were all supposed to hang out last night. But did we? nope! It was just Liz and I because Ana decides to ditch us for 'those friends'. Thats right...instead of hanging out with her good friends, she decides to get drunk with those losers. Can you believe that???

I havent seen the girls for at least 2 weeks. She totally 4gets that we're supposed to hang out. She does it all of the time too. Liz even says so. It upsets Liz and I so much and I dont even think Ana realize how much it actually hurts us. When youre best friends with someone, you dont ditch them to hang out with pathetic losers who dont have jobs, dont go to school, and pretty much dont have lives aside from drinking and doing drugs.

I mean, dont get me wrong, I like drinking and drugs as much as the next person, but there is more to life than just that. Sorry if I offended anyone. If anyone even reads this. I feel like im talking to air. heh.


I'm still a little sore from Fri. night/ Sat. morning. He (not to be confused with 'he') was making it hurt. Rough sex is so great though. He is also fairly demanding. Like, he knows exactly what he wants, exactly what feels good to him, exactly what he wants me to do.

I once took a quiz to see what kind of person I am in the bedroom. It basically stated that I like to please people in the bedroom. I get my pleasure from pleasing others. It described me as being a 'slave'. I guess its fairly accurate. I mean, I do like to please people, outside of the bedroom too. I probably shouldnt be so much like that. I should stand up for myself more. Maybe I'll try to work on that. maybe....

missdahling at 5:28 p.m.