Nov. 26, 2002

Lingering thoughts of Fri. Night

Jesus Christ!!! I am talking to 'him' right now. This situation is really upsetting. Im trying to get information out of him. Id like to know what he thought when I was at his house on Fri. night. He told me that I looked nice, but thats not really what I was getting at.

I wanna know what he thought of me being with Kevin on Fri. Maybe he doesnt even know that I spent the night. I wonder if he even cares. Not that I intentionally try to hurt him, but in a way, I hope that I did. That is really mean, but he causes me so much grief; I guess thats my way of getting back at him. How often do guys talk about things like that anyway? Will someone please fill me in?

Its funny, today he tells me that I looked really hot on Fri, but did he say more than one word to me that night??? NO. It hurt me that he didnt stop and talk. Then i pretended that i was having extra fun. Which, I was having a blast, but I intensified it by 10. Theres really no point to that, but thats just how I am.

I wanna be with him. I want both of us to give each other another chance. I wanna make things work. I miss him right now.

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