Feb. 22, 2003

Miss Dahling

I have major stomach cramps. NOT that I'm complaining. You all know that I can breath a sigh of relief when I get my period. Seriously, birth control, next week!!!! We've all heard that one before.

My life is so boring, yet busy lately. If that even makes sense to you. I work full-time, plus I have class 3 days a week. I must say, classes are going fairly well so far. Im human services I have an A+ and in psych I have a B. Hopefully I can maintain these grades and even bring the psych grade up. We have a test this Wed., so we'll see how I do.

I absolutely refuse to talk to 'him' on my new screenname! The other night I got on my old name and put an away message up. He actually im'ed me with a smiley face. I dunno, its good that I wasnt around to get the msg.

Its so hard not talking to him. It's like, I miss him, but yet I dont. Sorry, I am being shady. Let me try to explain. Some days, I feel as though I could stop talking to him and not even care. Other days, I need him so much.

Ive had some of the best times when I was with him. Ill elaborate more on that later.

missdahling at 3:48 p.m.