Friday, Dec. 19, 2008


Last Saturday Adam and I took Olivia to see her first movie; Madagascar 2. We shared Dip N Dots. We luckily missed the previews and got there right as the movie was starting. She was scared at first I think because she was fussing a little. I can understand why, seeing as how the screen is so big and it is loud.

Then, she started getting into it once she realized what she was watching (she loves the first Madagascar). She was dancing in her seat and clapping when the song "Move It" came on. A few times she was loud and yelled out until Adam or I would put a finger to our face and say,"Sssshhh."

After about 45 minutes - 1 hr. she had had enough. She was standing up in her seat and being loud so we just left. I was proud of her though because she lasted longer than I thought she would. It was only an hour and a half long show and we made it through a lot of it. Afterward we kept asking her if she liked the movie and she nodded her head yes. I had fun.

The next day was my familys' Christmas party which was held at my parents' house this year. There were about twenty of us total. A decent sized crowd, but not too crowded. The food was soooo good. Garlic pork roast, honey glazed turkey, mac and cheese which Olivia ate, stuffed mushrooms, salad, veggie pizza, and a lot of different desserts. My dad made most of the food. It was so great.

Instead of buying gifts for everyone, we only buy for the kids. Olivia got a few new books, some blocks and a stuffed animal. When I was little everyone used to go all out but not so much anymore. It is really down-played since then but still nice.

My sister was home from college and I was really happy she was able to make it to the party. I was glad she got to see Olivia too and spend time with her even if not for very long. She left for New Zealand on Tuesday (got there safe. We talked to her last night) and won't be home at all anymore over her Christmas break. Her boyfriend has been traveling and his dad offered to fly Megan to see him. She'll be there until the middle of January. Lucky. I bet she'll have such a great time.

On Tuesday I had a dr.'s appt. Just a monthly checkup. Adam went with my while Olivia stayed with his mom. I am up to 115 pounds! But, I did not take my shoes off this time, so that might not be accurate. At my first appt. on Oct. 22nd, I was only 106. I am starting to look a little pregnant although I don't think it is that noticeable yet. The nurse said to me,"Do you know how many weeks you are?" DUH!! I replied,"18 weeks." She smiled and said,"Yes, and no belly!" I want to look pregnant though. I want people to comment and ask when I am due. I want that attention because I didn't have that with Olivia.

I was, however, a little disappointed because I wanted to find out the sex of the baby. They didn't do an ultrasound like a I had hoped though. My hospital is so weird. They make separate appts. for everything for some reason. I had an ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 30th but they called and rescheduled for Jan. 9th at 1pm. Fridays are not good for me because I normally work, plus 1pm is really not good. Have you ever been at a bank on a Friday afternoon? BUSY! So I have to call and re-reschedule hopefully for a sooner date.

I don't think I can wait that long to find out. Even though it will probably be another girl, I am secretly hoping for a little boy. I feel kind of bad wishing for a boy over a girl. I don't tell people I want one or the other when they ask me. I say,"I want a healthy baby." Of course that is totally true. As long as it is healthy I can't ask for much more but my heart is leaning towards boy.

We got out first real snowstorm today and of course I had to work and of course they didn't close us down early. We got about 5 - 7 inches of snow plus freezing rain on top of that. It was a mess out there. They are calling for more snow Sunday. It's days like today when I am glad Adam isn't driving truck anymore. I used to worry about him so much when he was out on the road. The forecast said something about snow on Christmas Eve but I think they changed it to rain now. I hope no snow xmas eve. We have things to do. I am so excited for Christmas. I cannot wait for Olivia to open her presents.

I sent out Christmas cards this year too. I made 30 of them with a big picture of Olivia and a smaller one of the three of us. They turned out cute. I wish I could post them on here.

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