Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2008


This past weekend was fun. Adam and I went to Hershey Park for my company picnic. My dad and sisters watched Olivia. We thought about taking her along but it is pretty good drive; about and hour plus. According to their website she was too small for any of the rides.

When we got there we found out that there were very, very few rides that she could have gone on so we were glad we made the decision to leave her at home even though we missed her terribly.

We had a fun day by ourselves. My work paid for parking and both of our admissions to into the park. There's 110.00 for free. They gave us food vouchers which they catered. We could enter our pavilion at any time to eat or get drinks. We didn't have to waste our money on the parks overpriced beverages or food. It was nice.

When we got to the park it wasn't too crowded so we tried to make the most of it. We went on one roller coaster that was fun but wasn't all that great. It really jossled my head around and when I got off the ride my neck actually hurt a bit.

Then, we found a coaster that we didn't have to wait in line for at all so we went on that three times in a row. It was great. It was a wooden coaster which I think are the best. Soo fun. I loved it.

There was a new roller coaster there that I had wanted to go on badly before we got to the park. I had been talking about it for weeks but when I saw it in person, I chickened out. The first hill was steep ... at least a 90 degree incline. I watched the people on the ride slowly go up the hill and they were practically upside down. That's the part that scared me into not riding it. I could handle the going down and the rest of it after that looked like fun but ....

The only other ride we went on was the mono rail after lunch and the line was even huge for that so we didn't even try to go on any more coasters.

During the day Zoo America was free to enter so we walked through that and looked at all the animals. We did wish that Olivia were with us to see that because she just loves animals of all kinds. She would have thought that were the coolest thing.

After that we left. Went home, picked up our baby ...

She is getting so big and so smart. She remembers a lot. She can point out different objects in books. Just recently she started sitting still long enough for me to read to her. One of her favorites is 'Good Night Moon'. Adam's mom said he used to love that book too.

This week is payday for me, thank god. Adam gets his first paycheck too. He gets paid every week at his new job which will be nice. We have bills to catch up on. We have to pay our cable bill, my car payment, car insurance, electric, gas, and we just got a bill from the garbage company. Our rent will be due in two weeks... Why does it always seem like we will never get ahead? I know we will be fine, but it is frusterating. I try not to think about it. If I thought about it, I would cry. Ugh .. I cannot wait to be caught up on everything.

missdahling at 9:54 pm