Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2008


Adam started a new job yesterday. It is a factory job. He cuts steel all day long and it is hard work. The pay is comparable to his old job so that is good because we are slightly behind on some of our bills. Ugh, it seems like we will never be ahead, but thus is life I guess.

There are a few perks about his job. There are incentive bonuses. He now has a set schedule unlike his previous job where he never knew what time he would be home or if he would even be home at all. This winter will be better because I won't be worrying about him driving in the snow all day. That was bad. I hated it. I worried about him all the time and he told me the other day that he used to worry about himself.

He's getting used to the job and is really glad he got it because it does pay good but he hopes it will be long term temporary if you understand that. So we'll see where we are in a few years.

I called Olivia's daycare today to let them know that she'd be back this Thursday. I know I'm going to hate dropping her off even if it will only be two or three days per week.

Olivia's birthday party was a success. There were around 40 people there. We had a lot of food and a lot of fun. She got so many nice gifts.

I still can't believe she's over a year old already. Babies accomplish so many things in their first year of living. She's walking really good on her own now. Today she walked the entire time we were at Home Depot. She held onto my hand and everyone told me how cute she was.

Tomorrow Olivia and I are going to be cleaning and going out to get her things for daycare like diapers, milk, wipes, sippy cups, etc. The last time she was at daycare she was stil drinking formula out of bottles. This evening I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen really good but tomorrow I need to do laundry and get the livingroom in order. I never get motivated to do anything until the last day I have off work.

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