Thursday, Jul. 03, 2008


Summer has been super busy so far. First off ... Adam did lose his job. He is able to collect maximum unemployment which is good. After doing some figuring, we will be okay financially and I do not have to go back to work full time either. He needs to look for another job though because he has too much time on his hands. Even though I like having him home, I am getting slightly irritated having him around so much. I know it sounds weird and maybe even a bit mean, but ....

Olivia's 1st birthday has come and gone. She turned 1 year old on June 27th! She is able to say a few words such as 'Mama', 'Dad', 'Blue', 'Yum', 'hi', and 'YES!'. She is walking a little bit now, but prefers crawling. She doesn't even look like a baby anymore. Her looks are maturing. Her hair is long and she just lost that 'baby look' if you know what I mean. I am still in awe that one year ago she was just born.

She is also developing likes and dislikes. She likes books, dogs, cartoons and other babies. She absolutly hates swimming which we found out last month when we took her to Adam's dad's house to swim. She screamed bloody murder and clung to us while in the water. Another thing she doesn't like is getting her picture taken which I am told is normal for her age. After having two appointments at Sears without one picture where she isn't cring, I told myself that I am not going back. Maybe I'll try again at 18 months? I don't know...We'll see...

We are having Olivia's birthday party this Saturday. So far, I have about 40 people coming. I hope everyone shows up and I also hope it does not rain. I want sunshine!

Well, I just wanted to update quick. Have a good 4th of July everyone!

missdahling at 8:31 pm