Monday, Apr. 28, 2008


This afternoon Liz came over to hang out. Olivia was sleeping when she arrived. We ordered food in instead of going out because the weather was shitty and Olivia was taking a nap anyways. Olivia woke up by the time the food got here so I fed her lunch too. Liz and I ate subs while Olivia ate Gerber Graduates Mac and Cheese with veggies.

Liz and I sat around and watched E! all afternoon while playing with Olivia. We gossiped a lot which we always do when we get together.

Our friend Ana is supposed to be on her way home from Florida. She is moving back after she had been gone for about a year. Ana, her fiance, Jeremy and their son, Gabriel are driving from Florida back to Pennsylvania. It is something I wouldn't look forward to doing especially with a 14 month old. I cannot wait to see them. Liz and I thought about them a lot this afternoon and even text messaged Ana but never got a reply back. Hope things are going well.

When Adam and I had our first apartment together we shared it with another couple, Matt and Nicole, who are now broken up. Matt is on the verge of moving in with a new girlfriend who is only 19 years old. He is 25, parties every night and just quit his good job at a bread plant to install Direct Tv's. He will never change. His new girlfriend seems young and dumb to be getting involved with him. I guess we were all that way at one time though so she will eventually learn.

Nicole is 7 months pregnant to her boyfriend who is almost double her age. She is 23 and he is in his late thirties / early forties. Not too long ago they bought a house together and just got engaged today actually. They are getting ready for their baby boy and are very excited about it. I finally think that Nicole is truly happy and I am happy for her. She is better off without Matt. I'm glad she's found someone she loves even if he is a lot older.

I was glad Liz came over. I knew that Adam was staying over tonight so having Liz here made my day go by a lot quicker. Olivia was in such a good mood today! She was laughing and smiling a lot. She played with her toys and didn't try to get into anything she wasn't supposed to. It was really nice.

When Liz left it was almost time for me to feed Olivia dinner. On most nights, from dinner time on, things move along pretty quickly. I feed Olivia, then not long after that I give her a bath, then we relax until she gets her bottle before bed which is anywhere between 8 and 9 pm. Last night she slept like a log so hopefully tonight is the same.

missdahling at 9:06 pm