Sunday, Mar. 16, 2008

This Weekend

On Friday night I was in a mood. I had a long week and Olivia decided that she didn't want to sleep. She was up an hour after we put her to bed, then again an hour after that. Finally, we figured out that her teeth and gums were bothering her. We gave her tylonol which seemed to help.

The next morning we noticed that her other top tooth was poking through! It's exciting.

Yesterday we had lunch with Adam's dad and his girlfriend, Dixie. We met them at Applebee's and had a nice meal. Olivia was a little fussy through the middle of the meal but then cheered up after she ate an ounce of formula. She was smiling so cutely at Adam's dad. She loves her pappy, that is for sure.

We then went to the grocery store. Three hundred dollars later we were out of there. Already, at only eight and a half months, Olivia is wanting those 'impulse buys' at the grocery store. While I was putting the bags in the cart, Adam was showing Olivia a Dora balloon. When he went to put it back she let out a huge cry.

"Honey, look, he said,"She likes this balloon."

I look over and there she is holding the ribbon in her hand.

"Does she want that?" I asked.

Of course she did. That freakin' balloon was four dollars! Not that that's a whole lot of money, but it is enough for an item that will lose the helium within a few days. I bought it for her anyway, but thinking that she is too young to start throwing tantrums and wanting those type of things.

Brandon was supposed to come over last night with Ashton but by the time we got a hold of each other it was already getting late. He took Ashton to the mall to see the Easter bunny and ended up waiting an hour in line. We tentatively made plans for next weekend so I hope we're able to see them.

This afternoon we did the card thing. Adam dropped Olivia off at his mom's then we went to the tournament. Neither one of us hit money, but that's alright.

I got to drive the jeep to pick Olivia up. I was nervous as hell at first, but then started to really pick it up. I made small mistakes like being in the wrong gears at times, but overall I did really well. This was my first time on the road and I didn't even stall it out like both Adam and I thought I would do. He said I did better than most people on their first time. Within a few weeks I will be comfortable driving on my own.

Why do the weekends go by so quickly and the week seems to drag on? Granted, I only work two or three days out of the week but the weekend is when Adam, Olivia and I get to spend a lot of time together as a family and I am always sad when that time comes to an end.

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