Thursday, Jan. 03, 2008

It's 2008 Now

Christmas was good. One of the best I've had in a very long time. Adam went shopping for me the Saturday before Christmas which he told me a long time ago he was going to do. I spent the day at my mom's hanging out with her and Megan, who is home from college. Adam called a few times while I was there to let me know what was up. Since he went shopping two hours away from where we live, he didn't return home until about ten at night. Olivia was asleep and I was relaxing, watching tv.

I couldn't wait until Christmas to open my presents and he couldn't wait to give them to me so we had our Christmas that night. We opened gifts one at a time to make it last longer. I got him a new wallet, Armani cologne, two shirts and a pair of jeans. When I opened up my gifts I felt bad for not getting him more things. I received two pairs of jeans from one of my favorite stores, Express, a tank top and pair of shorts from Abercrombie, a sweater and nice pair of dress pants from J. Crew and Armani perfume.

He made me wait to open my big gifts last. He also made me try to guess what they were. One of the presents was in a smaller bag and the other in a medium sized box. I guessed a purse and a sweater. I was right about the purse but wrong about the sweater. He bought me a Coach purse with matching Coach wallet. I love both but I think I love the wallet more only because when you open it there is a place for my checkbook and the inside is pink; my favorite color. I've never owned a Coach purse before and I am loving it!

I didn't have to work on Christmas Eve so Olivia and I lazed around in the morning. I got some laundry done and tried to clean up to make room for gifts I knew she was getting. I got myself showered and her dressed. She wore a Mrs. Claus dress. She looked adorable! We were about to go visiting when our neighbor stopped by to give Olivia a present. He got her a card and stuffed snowmen that played a song and lit up. She liked it. He also brought me a Christmas Budweiser. Nice.

After that we picked Adam's grandma up at his cousin's house and went to Adam's mom's place to do gifts and such. We decided to go out there on Christmas Eve so it wouldn't be so much on Christmas day. We always have so much visiting to do.

Adam's mom made really good food. She overdid it with Olivia which I knew she would. Olivia got so many toys...some books, really cute new outfits, etc. She also got a whole bunch of these "Lamaze" brand toys that KMart sells; a fish bowl, blocks, etc. They are really cute. Her favorite toys though are her books. Her smile is sooo big when Adam and I read to her. Of course she doesn't know what the stories are about, but she loves to look at the pictures.

It was a long night for Olivia and Adam too because he worked all day. We didn't get home until ten at night. I thought Olivia would be totally out but she woke up when I was taking her snow suit off. She was up for about an hour when she finally conked out for the night.

The next morning, Christmas day, she didn't wake up until ten thirty. I gave her a bath since she hadn't had one the night before and dressed her in her Christmas dress. She looked so beautiful. The dress was ivory and looked so great with her dark hair. I wore my new sweater Adam got me and he wore one of the new shirts that I got him. I guess it's good that Adam and I did our Christmas that Saturday before because we were off to a fairly late start on Christmas morning. We had to be to his aunt's house by noon.

We finally got to see Adam's cousin, Danielle's baby that day. Her baby's name is Mya and was born a month after Olivia. Everyone fussed over the babies like they always do on holidays. After dinner we sat both babies side by side on a chair in the livingroom and everyone started taking their pictures. There was seriously, like, seven people with cameras. It was like the paparazzi.

Mid afternoon is when we arrived at my parents' house. We only had dessert with them because we had already eaten at Adam's aunt's. Over the past few years we have eaten two, even three meals on holidays but it just got to be too much. I was hoping that I wouldn't offend my mom by not eating with them but she understood completly. She didn't expect that from us.

We opened gifts with them and I got some nice things. Olivia got more toys and diapers, wipes, and formula. My mom didn't over do it as much as Adam's mom did because Olivia is small and doesn't realize it's Christmas anyway. My mom got her these really cool books that have CD's that go along with them. She also got her a V Tech Bear that Olivia just loves. Megan got her the cutest Ralph Lauren dress. The gift that I like most of all is a blanket that my mom and sister Madison made. Madison picked out the material and my mom sewed it together. It is light purple fleece with ballerinas on it. It is the warmest blanket too. I love it.

Both Adam and I had to go back to work the day after Christmas. Bleh. I was sad for it to be over. Next year will be even more fun because Olivia will be a little older. Hopefully she'll be able to open her own gifts. I'm going to love watching her do that.

New Year's Eve was quiet. We stayed in and had Brandon over. We didn't even drink. Brandon isn't really a drinker, I had been sick the day before with an upset stomach and Adam didn't feel the greatest. Basically it was just another night. It was nice though...

What a great year 2007 was for Adam and I. Things changed so much from the beginning of the year to the end. I can honestly say that 2007 was the best year of my life. I am looking forward to 2008 now. I wonder what it has in store for me...

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