Thursday, Aug. 23, 2007

4 More Weeks

The bank that I work at is merging with another bank in two and a half months. Right now, my branch is located about a mile down the road from one of the branches that is the other company. Even before I left on maternity leave, everyone was talking about which branch would stay open. My co workers and I thought for sure that ours would, but as it turns out, my branch is shutting down in November.

Last Thursday morning I had a meeting at work with the regional manager and the woman who is head of human resources in our area. I had already prepared myself for them to tell me that I was laid off. I was only a little nervous when I sat down with them. First, they made small talk about the baby and what not, then they told me that I was keeping my job. I even get a $2,000.00 bonus for relocating. Honeslty though, I was a little disappointed. I was sort of looking forward to having a little more time off. I guess I should be greatful though.

My six weeks of maternity leave were over two weeks ago. I had a check up at the doctors' office and she said I was able to go back to work. At the very last minute I decided to take six more weeks off. Medically, people can usually go back after six weeks, but legally, they can have up to twelve weeks. I thought I was ready start working again, but I am not. I want to stay at home with my baby. I hope these next four weeks go by slowly.

Olivia is growing so much! She can still wear most of her size 0-3 clothing and a few newborn things, but she is slowly starting to fit into her 3-6 month outfits. Yesterday, I organized all of her clothes. She has plenty of clothes up to 6-9 months and just a couple of 12 month outfits. She is good on clothes for a while. She hasn't worn the same outfits twice yet. Adam and I haven't had to buy diapers or wipes yet either. We are still using gifts that people had bought us. It is so nice.

It is really amazing how much babies develop in just a few days even! Olivia is making all sorts of noises now that she didn't make a couple days ago. I will talk to her and she will 'talk' back to me. She can also recognize people now and smile in response to their smiles.

I am really enjoying spending time with her. When she was just born, I didn't want her to get older and now I don't want her to get older either. This is just the perfect age. I will probably think every age is the perfect age though. Whenever I find myself getting frusterated with her I remind myself how lucky I am to have her and it calms me down immediatly. I better enjoy every singly minute I have with her because someday she isn't going to want to hang out with old mom.

I will try to get more pictures posted soon. Right now, I am going to try to get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

missdahling at 9:29 pm