Tuesday, Jul. 17, 2007

Little Olivia

I know that I never write anymore, but I wanted to give a quick update while I have a minute to myself. My life is COMPLETELY different now. I've said that before, but this is the most dramatic change of all because I now have a baby. Tomorrow she will be three weeks old. Her name is Olivia Taylor K******. I chose the name Olivia and Adam chose her middle name. At birth, she weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20 inches long. We are enjoying her a lot and we both love her more than anything else in the world. I can't explain it, but once she was born I could feel everything in my life begin to change. It's absolutly amazing. That's all I have time to write, but I hope to become a regular on diaryland again. Talk to everyone soon.

missdahling at 5:38 pm