Monday, May. 29, 2006

I'm Back!

I've stayed away from diaryland for too, too long, once again. And once again, I don't even know where to start updating about my life. This has been happening more and more lately...

This week is the start of Adam's third week at his new job. After he worried so much about passing the drug and background test, the company did hire him afterall. I told him that there was nothing to worry about and that he should listen to me more often, of course.

His job requires him to leave anywhere from 12:30 am - 5:30 am every weekday. This is a big change from what his work schedules have been over the past few years. He was accustomed to working mostly a 3 pm - 11 pm shift, and occasionally 11 am - 4pm. I was surprised to find out that it didn't take very long for his body to get used to the new hours. Even so, it must be so strange for him to be going to bed when the sun is still shining. He says he doesn't mind it though. It was / is a dramatic change in lifestyle for the both of us. For him, because of the reasons mentioned above, and for both of us because we have stopped smoking pot entirely. It is for the better though.

Each day, he travels with another guy to different locations, delivering and unloading boxes of packaged food. They deliver to chain restaurants, schools, and diners, mostly. Throughout the past few weeks he has ventured to many different places. On one particular day he delivered locally, only about twenty minutes away. Another day, he went to North Philadelphia. I asked him what town in North Philly and as it turned out, he was in the town where my relatives live. The furthest away from home he has gone was Brooklyn, Washington DC, and last night, Virginia.

So far, Adam really likes working and tells me that the days go by very quickly. I am truely happy that he likes it and that he was finally able to get a decent job with good benefits. The pay is great and we will soon be back on our feet. It will be so nice not living paycheck to paycheck anymore and having rely on our parents to bail us out if we get in a bind. Looking at my bank statement and seeing that there is a couple extra hundred in there is going to awesome. Finally, our future is looking bright.

That is the only big news that I have to write about. I could bore you with little, mundane things, but I won't. Hopefully you all are doing well. Next time, I won't stay away for so long, I promise. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day. Take care!

missdahling at 1:54 pm