Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2006

it isn't just for lovers

Technically, I do have a valentine, but he is two hours away from me right now. Today, I got to listen to all the girls in my job training class talk about how wonderful their boyfriends / husbands are and what nice gifts they received from them. There was only one other girl in my class who wasn't really 'celebrating' V-day with her boyfriend. Adam and I don't expect anything from one another because we are not in the financial situation to buy each other gifts this year. When I talked to him earlier today, he did say happy valentine's day to me so that was a plus. I actually thought he wouldn't even remember what today was, but he did so it brightened my day a little. Contrary to the horrible things I sometimes write about him in this diary, I do love him and he shows his love for me the whole year so it compensates for the fact that we can't physically spend the day together.

This afternoon I was talking to my friend Ben over instant messenger. He said that he has never had a valentine in his entire life and he is twenty five years old. He acted as though he didn't care, but deep down I could tell that a part of him wished he could spend the day with a special girl. It isn't just girls who think that way I guess. Girls just show they care more and guys try not to. I told him that this day is not just for lovers.

I used to despise this holiday (if you want to call it a holiday). There were so many years when I didn't have a special person to spend it with. I can remember a few years where my best friend and I would always make it a point to spend Valentine's day together since neither one of us had valentine's. We would go out to eat, rent a movie, shove our faces full with junk food and just have a fun girls' night in while all the couples would be out having romantic evenings. Liz and I would sit around and complain about guys and talk about the guys who we had crushes on. As we sat there and talked, I would secretly be hoping that the guy I liked would call and invite me to hang out. That never happened, but Liz and I always had fun. We made the most of it.

Since Adam can't take me out to dinner and woo me, and Liz isn't around to hang out with, I spent about two hours on a date with another one of my loves....Yes, me and my old, reliable credit card went on a date at the mall. Unfortunatly, this year, I'm the one who ended up paying for the evening out. Happy Velentine's day everyone.

missdahling at 8:23 pm