Friday, Oct. 07, 2005

Rainy Days

Empty soda cans, old receipts, empty shopping bags and a few paper plates that were in my bedroom were thrown into a garbage bag before I proceeded to empty the trash can in my bathroom. Heaps of dirty clothes from the bathroom, but mostly my bedroom were randomly put into three different laundry baskets. Just picking up the clothes from off the floor and placing them in laundry baskets helped make the room look alot tidier. It had been awhile since I had used the Pledge to dust, but I found it underneath the kitchen sink and went back upstairs and finished cleaning the remainder of the room. There. The entire house was clean since I had just cleaned the bedroom and Adam had cleaned the downstairs earlier in the week. It was nice not looking at clutter anymore. However, it's that dreaded time again; time to do laundry.

To reward myself for cleaning up, I decided that I would go to the bar where Adam was working and have a few beers. There was a pool match going on, so in addition to the 'regulars', there were a few faces that I didn't recognize. I sat down at the corner of the bar next to a girl who I thought looked familiar, but wasn't quite sure. She had one of those faces that almost looked like she could be anyone you once saw at an amusement park, or on tv, or at the mall. I disregarded the thought while I ordered my beer and lit up a cigarette. The girl then turned to me and said,"You look really familiar ... did you used to hang out at my brother's house? Vince?" It took a few seconds for my brain to register who Vince was before memories of two years ago appeared as images in my mind. With a polite smile, I replied to her,"Yes, I did." Have you ever had a memory that seemed like such a long time ago, but yet on the other hand seemed like just yesterday? Well that's how I felt at that moment.

A few of Vince's sister's friends came by the bar to hang out with her and the person she was with. Adam and I have hung out with the guy she was with a few times. Yesterday was his 21st birthday so they were all going out bar hopping. One of the guys who stopped by to hang out with them was someone who I went to high school with but have not seen since graduation. I always think it's so weird when you see someone for the first time in a few years. For those years when you don't see them it's like you almost forget that they exist. Then one day, usually randomly, you'll bump into them somewhere. Usually then, I start remembering people who I've forgotten about and wonder what they are doing presently. I always think to myself,"Does anyone ever think about me and wonder what I'm up to these days?"

I breathed a slight sigh of relief when Vince's sister and her friends left to go to a different bar. His sister is really nice, I always got along with her and I was glad to see her again, but a part of me was afraid that she would say something about me sleeping with Vince in front of Adam. Sleeping with Vince meant nothing to me, but Adam doesn't know about it. I don't think he needs to know actually. It happened once, and like I had just mentioned, it was meaningless. I just don't want any unnecessary drama caused by things that happened two years ago so I'll never mention it unless he asks me about it ( which he won't ). And believe me, if Adam found out, there would be some kind of fight between us. In this situation, the saying 'what he doesn't know won't hurt him' would prove to be true.

Earlier in the day Adam ran into his friends Dave, who we sometimes buy weed from, and his girlfriend Amy. If we needed anything, Dave said to give him a call. While I was at the bar I called Amy's phone and she said that I could stop by. I went over to their house and hung out for awhile. I don't know either of them too well, but I do know Dave a little better than I know his girlfriend. Last night while I was hanging out with her I got to know her a lot better. She is a really nice girl. They are both very eccentric. Dave is a guy with piercings and wears flannel or shirts with band names on them. He wore converse shoes and a metal belt. Amy has tattoos covering her shoulders, and across her chest. She has a short, stylish haircut and cat eye glasses. Her clothing style is similiar to Dave's. I am friends with all different stereotypes of people. I am friends with preppy, abercrombie/gap/ralph lauren/lacoste people. I have friends who can't afford to wear name brand clothing. I have friends who dye their hair black and wear black nail polish, etc. I love all my friends, but from my experiences of first meeting people, the ones I usually find most interesting are the eccentric people who are much like Amy and Dave.

Amy and Dave live about two blocks from Liz so I decided to call her to see if she wanted to smoke. It had been awhile since we'd done that together. When I asked her, she repsonded by saying,"Oh good! I didn't eat yet either." She still lives with her dad so when I went up to her room, we prepared to smoke. When I say 'prepared', I mean that we opened the window, turned on a fan so that the air was blowing out the window, lit a scented candle and put a towel underneath of the door so that the smoke wouldn't escape out into the hallway. I was already feeling good so I smoked a bowl with her, then packed a little more just for her.

We sat there in her room talking about old times and laughing about the stories being told. Some of the things that we talked about I forgot that they even happened. Things that happened five years ago were brought up as well as more recent things, like our New York trip. I kept making fun of her for buying a cd from a rapper who is trying to become a star. She said,"I never even listened to it!" As I was thinking about it, I really would like to go back to New York with the same friends I went with over the summer. I realized that we rarely ever get together like that anymore. We used to go on trips together a lot more than we do now and that sort of makes me sad. I realize that we're getting older and we're all busier with our separate lives, but I sometimes miss the way things used to be. Sometimes I feel like we're all growing apart and I don't like it.

Liz and I then got food to go at the convenient store. It's like a ritual that whenever we smoke together we always get food afterwards because it always tastes better when we're stoned. According to her, it is the best part about smoking. I could beg to differ. For awhile, I wouldn't allow myself to eat when I smoked because I would over do it. I'd eat anything in sight and large amounts of it too. We came back to her house and sat at her kitchen table where we devoured our food. I ate every bite of my steak fahita. I didn't even leave a crumb. It was so good. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was time for me to pick Adam up.

For the past few nights Adam and I have been going to bed really early, anywhere from between 10:30 pm - 1 am. We are just so tired lately. I don't know why. At least in the mornings when we wake up, we aren't as tired as normal. I am tired today though and we didn't even go to bed late. I think it's because of the weather though. It's cloudy, getting cooler temperature wise and it has been raining pretty hard all day. It would have been a perfect day to stay in bed. I think that when I go home, I will do just that. Maybe I'll try to find a good book to read or a movie to watch. I don't feel like going out tonight.

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