Thursday, Aug. 25, 2005

The 4 Most Passionate Kisses of My Life

I stood in the small kitchen waiting for Adam to show the other guests to the door. I secretly could not wait for them all to leave. I looked around at the empty keg and plastic cups scattered across the floor. The dishes were piled high to the ceiling with caked up food on most of them. It was disgusting but I was too drunk to care so I stood in the midst of the mess. I glanced down at Adam's friend Ben who was completly passed out, sitting between the wall and the garbage can. What a sight, I thought to myself. I laughed a little, then decided to go sit down in the livingroom. For just a moment longer I lingered in the kitchen, just about ready to leave the room. Just then I saw Adam come through the door. I pointed to Ben and started cracking up laughing, then stopped abrubtly when I saw the look of seriousness on Adam's face. Slowly, we moved towards each other, stopping inches away from one another's bodies. He grasped my face in his hands as we looked into each other's eyes. Slowly, he brought my mouth to his and kissed me. All prior thoughts that I had been thinking suddenly left my mind. All I could concentrate on was the kiss. I felt the room spinning, not because of the alcohol but because of the passion I felt at that moment.

I wondered if I were making a mistake when I agreed to go home with Erik. He was your typical loud, obnoxious, arrogant, know-it-all 18 year old. In class I couldn't stand him for a second. He was even a bit rude to me, making smart ass remarks for no apparent reason. For awhile we engaged in some light conversation. I could tell that ths situation between us beginning to get a lot more intense. At the party, when he kissed me I couldn't help but fall for him. Since I wasn't fond of him before that night, it came as a big surprise when we ended up making out. However, I think that sometimes surprises like that, with people like that, often end up being the ones you remember for a very long time. His tongue darted inside of my mouth, around my teeth, then onto my lips, while gently biting my lower lip with his teeth. He kissed me hard, but not too hard, combining the right amount of tongue with the right amount of lip. There wasn't too much of either one; everything was just perfect, except for the fact that I wanted more...

There were a lot of people mingling inside of the party. It was hot and stuffy inside so I decided to go outside on the porch to get some air. When I walked outside, onto the porch I was greeted by a preppy guy in Gap jeans and polo shirt. He had dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. We chatted about nothing inparticular for a little bit. Before I knew it, we had snuck off, onto the side of the house where we wouldn't be seen be anyone else. While other people made their way outside as well, they had no idea that Andrew and I were only a few feet away making out like the world had ended and we were the last people left on it. It's a little rare to find two people who seem to be so insync with their kissing styles and techniques like Andrew and I were. I can still feel his mouth on mine and the sweet nothings he was whispering into my ear. Thinking about that night, I can still almost remember what his mouth tasted like. It was a moment of pure bliss. "You are the best kisser ever ..." he sighed. With that, he continued to kiss me like noone had ever kissed me before.

Tom was a guy who I had been after all summer long. He seemed to be off limits and unattainable, but one night I got what I wanted. After talking and hanging out with him all night I knew that if we didn't have sex, there would at least be a kiss. We were at a fraternity when it happened and I wasn't even expecting it at that moment. It caught me completly off guard. He led me into a dark room where noone was partying and sat down on the couch. I followed, feeling very lustful at the time. We were both very frantic to cover each other in kisses. What I really remember about Tom is the way he kissed my neck. He kissed it softly, and would then bite it and suck on it harder and harder until I couldn't stand it anymore and would bring his mouth off of my neck and onto my lips again. Using the same tactics as he did on my neck, he would kiss my mouth. The fact that he had a girlfriend might have been why this kiss was so very passionate. It added danger to the kiss and I think I liked that.

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