Tuesday, May. 31, 2005

Valentine's Box

While I was still asleep this morning Adam went to his dad's house to clean all his shit out of the basement. He had been storing boxes of assorted things down there for almost two years.

Once when we were smoking in the basement, he picked up a box full that looked like a treasure chest. On the outside was a stick drawing of a boy and a girl with little wooden hearts super glued all over. It was a Valentine's day gift from an ex girlfriend. Inside were letters, cards, pictures, a mix cd, and small glittery heart confetti strewn about. When he was looking at it and began talking about it I pretended to not be listening. I don't go around flaunting gifts from my ex boyfriends.

The funny thing is, I can remember when he first got this box. I was visiting him at college. We had been hanging out in his room when his roommate knocked on the door. Adam went downstairs and came back up a few moments later carrying that god damn box.

Remembering that the box had been down there, I thought to myself,"What else does he have stored there?" Now, I know that he wouldn't do this, but I was also wondering whether or not he would bring that fucking gift to our house to keep. Before I went to work, I sort of, glanced through the contents that he brought back. There was nothing unusual, some duffle bags full of clothes, and a metal desk drawer full of papers, empty cigarette boxes .... and....pictures....

I couldn't help but look at every single picture I could find. I was looking for pictures of him and other girls who could potentially be ex girlfriends of his. I found lots of them but I'm unsure if they are just friends or exes. While I looked at those photos I kept asking myself whether I was prettier than her. I am so self conscious.

I hope he doesn't have anymore stuff to bring to our house from his dad's basement. I'm afraid of what I'd find. I'm so pathetic. Here I am, worrying over issues that are waaay in the past. UGH

missdahling at 8:59 pm