Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2005

There's No Need To Complain

I'm ready for summer. I want the hot, dog days, warm, starry summer nights and the occasional heat thunderstorm. I noticed that as I got older, winters seemed to be longer and summers seemed to be getting shorter and shorter. I miss the days when summers felt like they lasted forever. School would let out and I'd bask in the fact that I had a whole two and a half months of summer ahead of me. I didn't have a job until summer 2002 and even then, I only worked part time. My shift started at five and I worked until 10 at night. So that meant partying until the wake of dawn and sleeping in until midday. It was all play. Although I still love summer, it isn't the same as it used to be for me. I work a full time job and have a lot more responsibilities than I used to, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Even though I sometimes don't feel like it, I am an adult now.

Often times I find myself reminiscing about the past. A lot of times it would depress me. I long for 'the good old days', as they say. Sure, it's good to recall the past from time to time, but I've come to realize that while I am trying to re- live the past, life is passing me by. It's hard to make up more great memories by comparing them to old ones. What I don't notice is that I'm making new memories everyday. It's true too, because when I look back, sometimes the greatest memory I have of a certain someone or place was something so simple and at the time, it seemed insignificant. It really is the little moments that make up life. I'm finally beginning to comprehend that.

I need to start living more so in the moment. If I could stop dwelling on the past and worrying about how I looked, and how others perceive me, I'd be less stressed out. Someday I will truly see that it doesn't matter how a person dresses, or how a certain person acts. I need to notice what really matters in life; being a good person.

"We used to laugh a lot

But only because we thought

That everything good always would remain

Nothings gonna change theres no need to complain"

missdahling at 10:27 pm