Monday, Mar. 14, 2005

Starting the Week out Right

I awoke from a deep sleep on Saturday morning to the sound of my cell phone ringing. Megan was calling to see if I'd like to go to lunch with my mom and her. I had to decline the lunch invite but I told them to pick me up on their way to Wal Mart because I needed t o pick up a few things.

An hour later they arrive at my house. I was so glad to see Megan. She had gotten back from Myrtle Beach two days before and it was the first I got to see her since she had been home on Spring Break. At Wal Mart, I got a few essential items that we needed for the house. I.E. paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo, face soap, kitten food and litter. My mom was buying Megan things to take back to school. If I would have had more money at the time, I would've bought Megan some stuff at Wal Mart. I like spoiling people; especially poor college students like my little sister.

My two sisters and my mom came back to my house to see my new place. Luckily I had remembered to hide the bong under a pile of dirty clothes. Really, there was no other place to put it with it being in plain view. I was slightly embarrassed for my mom to see the house because of the mess we had in the livingroom area. My dresser and drawers were still down there, movies, DVD's, and books were strewn about the floor and crates of clothing; dirty and clean, encompassed the length of one wall. But of course my mom understood. Afterall, we had just moved in two weeks ago and have been / are neglecting to get organized and put things away. She did like the place though. She said that it will be nice once everything is orderly and put away.

While my mom and Madison went home, Megan stayed at my house for another two hours. No sooner had my mom walked out the door when Megan and I both exclaimed,"God, I need a cigarette."

With Megan's help, the vanity that my parents got me for Christmas is finally assembled after three months of it just sitting in the box taking up space. If I would have known it were going to be that easy to put together, I would have done it myself awhile ago. Basically, all we needed to do was put some screws in. It was one of those things where you don't even need the directions in order to construct it. I was pleased with how it looked. It's wooden with a mauve/cream colored marble top. It has a drawer in the front which I used to put my make up in. A mirror attaches to the top of it too. The bench matches the top of the vanity. It is wooden with a cream colored cushion to sit on. It now sits in the room next to our bedroom along with my dresser (still didn't bring the drawers upstairs) and storage bin that I use to put other clothes in. My beauty room is slowly being arranged.

Megan cleaned out the closet while she was there too. When I first opened the closet door and saw an aquarium that looked like a lizard or snake used to live in, I knew there was no way I was touching that. She got it out of the closet along with some old shoe boxes, lighter fluid, and dirt and dust that the old tenants left there. She swept out the bottom of the closet but I still need to scrub the floor and walls. Then it will be ready to use.

Right before Adam got home Megan's friend Lindsey stopped by so that we could smoke together. We each took about two hits from the bong before it was time to head out. Adam was still sick so he didn't join my family and I for dinner. He didn't go to work the day before, so Friday night we stayed in and rented movies so that he could rest. He went into work at 7am Saturday morning. I didn't get to talk to him before he left so I didn't know if he felt better or not. It sucks because I thought he was actually going to come along with me this time. I was looking forward to having dinner with him and my family; mom, dad sisters, grandma, and uncle. Another time I guess.

He missed out on a very tasty meal. My dad cooked chicken, redskin mashed potatoes, green beans, cream corn, and for dessert, he made something called bread pudding; a dessert made from cinnamon rolls. To put over the bread pudding, my dad made an icing type thing that I thought I was going to catch a buzz from. As soon as he put it on my plate I could smell alcohol. When I took a bite, I could taste alcohol. "I taste rum,"I said. "No, you taste brandy,"corrected my dad. So, brandy it was .... not rum.

Not many families still do this, at least I don't think they do, but my family always asks a blessing before dinner. My dad started the prayer, thanking the lord for the food we were about to eat, and thankful that we were all able to get together when he just stops praying and is unable to go on because he was crying. What I didn't know was that this meal was supposed to also include my other uncle (my dad's other brother) and aunt as well. If they would have been able to make it, it would have been my grandmother, my dad and his two brothers, my mom, sisters and me. My dad had gotten back from Philadelphia the day before. He was gone all week long because of a court case he needed to attend for his oldest brother. His brother, my uncle, died of cancer when I was a senior in high school. I thought everything was settled, but there was apparently unfinished business that needed to be taken care of. The court case had him all worked up. It probably made him think a lot about his brother. I rarely see my dad cry. I felt so bad. When I think of it, I still feel bad. My mom commented to me later that she had no idea my dad was so emotional over the court case. I hope everything with the case works out. I'm not sure when they hear back from the lawyer.

Yesterday Adam and I did laundry all afternoon. We went to the laundromat and did about six loads. Once again, we hadn't done laundry for about two months. Clean clothes makes me happy. We had planned on taking the clothes home, folding them and putting them away when we got home, but we went out for some drinks since Adam was feeling much better. I wound up getting drunk and didn't feel like dealing with the clothes until this morning.

Before work this afternoon, Adam and I brought the clothes in from my car. They still need folded and put away, but that will wait until tonight. I hope everyones week is starting out nicely. I know mine is.

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