Monday, Mar. 07, 2005

Weekend Update Again

Lately I haven't felt like writing much during the rest of the week. I update about my weekends but other than that I haven't had much to say. I'm going to try writing more though. I will.

It's hard for me to get up for work on Friday mornings. One of the reasons for this is because I'm just not a morning person. I used to be, but not anymore. I've had past jobs where I had to be to work at 6:30am. Sometimes I'd be out partying until 4am but I'd never call off work. What happened to me. I used to be so good about it. Another reason why I find it difficult to get out of bed is because on Monday through Thursdays my shift doesn't start until 1:30pm. Therefore, I can stay up late and still get an adequate amount of sleep. I usually try to get to bed at a decent time on Thursday nights but I usually end up tossing and turning because my body doesn't think it's bedtime yet. So when Friday rolls around and my day starts before 8, it doesn't quite agree with me.

This past Friday I actually cried before work. The night before, Adam had made me promise that I wasn't going to be mean to him when he woke me up the next morning. The awful sound of the alarm buzzing made me cringe. I pulled the covers back up over my head and groaned. Remembering my promise though, I slowly and painfully crawled out of my warm bed and onto the cold bedroom floor. As I was getting dressed I began to weep a little. "Honey, what's wrong?" "I don't want to work,"I replied sadly.
I finished getting ready (and I also finished crying), gave Adam a kiss goodbye, then started to head out the door. As I was walking out the door, I started crying once again.

Work didn't go too badly though. I had a nice day with no major problems. Our customers weren't too bad that day and I didn't let the ones who were get to me. Adam called later in the day and asked,"What was that this morning? I felt so bad for you. You weren't mad, you were sooo sad."

Almost nothing is unpacked yet at our new place. We have garbage bags of dirty laundry sitting on the livingroom floor as well as clean clothes, DVD's, movies and video games, etc. There are boxes with miscellaneous items in them. We also need to get more furniture. The three only chairs that we have are amongst the mess in the livingroom. I pictured this mess in my mind as I was walking out of the office on Friday. Suddenly I remembered that we didn't have any more clean towels. I decided to drive to the mall and buy some new ones. I also thought this would be a good chance to buy a new outfit too since we need to do laundry. I knew that I had to pick Adam up from work at 6:30 so I was rushing around a little.
What I didn't remember was that in order to purchase something at the mall with a check, you need your drivers license, or social security card. If you have neither of these items, their register won't allow them to go any further. Wel fuck me in the ass with no vasoline. I ended up walking out of there empty handed because for those of you who remember,my license was lost at the bank while I was cashing my income tax check.

For the second time that day, I cried. I was just so frusterated. I needed a shower, had no clean towel and was pissed off for driving all the way there for nothing. It was already 6 o'clock by this point. There was no way that I was going to have time to get ready to go out and pick Adam up by 6:30. I called him to let him know that I wasn't going to be ready. He got a ride with one of his buddies luckily.

Maybe I just needed some sleep because when I woke up from my 2 hour nap I felt a little better. For about 15 minutes I just layed there contemplating whether I wanted to sit at home by myself or get ready and go out. I really just felt like staying at home, but I forced myself to take a shower (I used a clean bedsheet as a towel), put on a nice outfit and get my sorry ass out of the house.

I thought Adam still might be at his pool tournament because I hadn't heard from him so I headed up there. I drove up and down the main street in my town a few times trying to find a parking spot. It was Friday night and everyone was out. As I was driving I took notice to the people walking along on the sidewalk . They were doing the same thing as I was; looking to enjoy Friday night.

I heard from Adam after I had finally found a parking spot. He called as soon as I walked in the bar and left me a voice mail that the tournament was over and he was now at another bar. So I headed back down the long stairway at the Legion. As I was crossing the street to get to my car once I was outside, my birth control fell out of my purse. At first I didn't notice it, but when I went to get my cigarettes out of my purse, I realized they weren't there. Feeling like such a dumbass, I opened the car door, walked to the middle of the street and quickly snatched my pills and put them back into my purse while trying not to look like a complete dumbass. I told you, it was Friday night and there were a lot of people out; not to mention the cars that were stopped at the redlight facing me.

As soon as I got into the Eagles I knew the night wouldn't be that bad. I had finished my first beer when Adam said that he wouldn't mind stopping in Danleys to see his dad who works every Friday night. I thought myself,"What the hell ... why not?"

The night went on and it seemed to last forever. I drank fairly quickly while we were at Danley's so I became drunk in a matter of no time. That's probably why it seemed later than it was. I noticed that I was drunk when I started talking to everyone around me and saying hi to complete strangers. This is why when the guy who my best friend likes walked in the door and I said hi, I had to second guess that it was him. It was funny because just the other day I told her that I don't think I'd recognize him if I were to see him in public anywhere. lol. Adam and I sat and talked to him for a bit. He was there with one of his friends named Greg. I kept thinking that his friend was this kid who slept with this lady named Christy who I met at Liz's house a few years ago because she was friends with one of Liz's dad's friends. When I asked Liz about it she said that Greg was def. the guy.

Maybe it was the alcohol but I was in such a good mood while I was out. I remember listening to the music that was on the juke box, mainly 'Candle in the Window' by CCR and 'Scenes from an Italian Restaurant' by Billy Joel and being in a completely euphoric state of mind. I looked around at everyone else in the bar and noticed that it looked like every, single person was having the time of their life. I thought to myself,"So this is what it feels like to be happy again." In that moment, I was the happiest I'd been in a long time.

Adam and I came home around midnight. I fed and talked to Mr. Skins and I can vaguely recall talking to Adam about music. Does anyone remember the band "The Tony Rich Project'? I said something about that band and the song with the line that goes,"Like a clown I put on a show...." I passed out, then woke up a few hours later and threw up.

In the morning, Adam told me that I wouldn't have sex with him because he didn't remember hearing the song"Ain't No Fun if the Homies Don't have None" on the way home from the bar. He said that I was upset about it for some reason. We both laughed about it though.

Most of Saturday was spent at Adam's pool tournament. His team lost the night before, so they were put in the losers bracket. The tournament was actually pretty cool to watch. It was held in a big, banquet room in the back of the Legion. They had about seven or eight pool tables set up around the room. Each pool table was in the middle of four long tables where the pool teams and spectators sat to watch the match. The first team that Adam's team shot against wasn't so good but started out beating them. The other team was up by four until Adam's team came back. They did end up winning the game which meant that they shot again later that afternoon.

In the meantime Adam and I grabbed some lunch at OIP and went home to relax for about twenty minutes. They didn't win the next match unfortunately. This time, the team they shot was really good. Noone on Adam's team even expected to win against them because they had placed first or second every year since the teams had started. This Saturday is another tournament where they shoot singles instead of doubles. We will most likely be going to that too.

We were both tired when we got home from being out late the night before and up early that day so we closed the vinetian blinds, snuggled up close to one another in bed and took a nap. It was a nice, two hour nap. We both woke up feeling refreshed.

After we had gone out for a bite to eat, Adam wanted to stop by Wal Mart to look for a poker game. I usually go to Wal Mart by myself on days when he works so this was a little different for me. I said to him,"Let's go look at the tv's they have." We wandered over to the electronic department to look for the poker game and to check out the tv's. We saw a few really nice tv's that both wouldn't mind owning. I really wanted to get a new tv that night. I could not deal with my old, shitty one for much longer. I've had the tv we'd been using since I was in 5th grade! It didn't look like an old tv but the sound was going bad and the picture wouldn't work half the time. We were looking at a 27 inch flat screen or a 32 inch regular tv. After much debate, we decided on the 32in. just because it was bigger. We figured that it would be a nice sized tv for our bedroom and later on, we can get a flatscreen for the livingroom.

To fit it in my car, we needed to take the tv out of the box. The nice men at Wal Mart took it out of the box and into my car for us, almost dropping it a few times Of course there was noone but me to help Adam carry this tv into our house. The biggest problem was getting it out of the backseat of the car. I had to crawl in the car from the other door and push the tv towards Adam as I crawled back out of the car helping carry the tv. I thought I was going to drop it on the ground. I kept picturing it shattering and hitting the pavement. Luckily we got it inside just fine. Then we had to carry it upstairs. By that time my arms felt like they were going to fall off. That's the heaviest thing I've lifted in such a long time. I've become so lazy and out of shape. Soon instead of being 5 ft. 1 in. and 101 pounds I will be 5 ft. 1 in. and 170 pounds if I keep being so unactive.

We enjoyed our new tv that night. We played a round of Tiger Woods on it. God, Tiger looked almost lifesized compared to seeing him on the itty bitty 19 inch screen. Adam started watching High Fidelity but I fell asleep during half of it.

For the second day in a row, and on a weekend non the less, we were both up before noon. He purposely set the alarm early so that we could go to our old apartment and get the last of our shit out of it. We had about a car loads worth of things; my bulletin board with pictures on it, a bag of blankets, a towel, my jewlery box, and dishes. Nicole's parents bought her a set of new dishes so she gave us her old set. That was nice of her because now we don't have to buy new ones. I'd like new ones, but I can't afford it right now. Cheryl, a customer of Adam's who we've become good friends with bought us placemats, handtowels and dishcloth with grapes on them so hopefully someday I'll be able to coordinate my kitchen to match them. I just can't believe we're finally out of our old apartment.

Another customer of Adam's gave us a free refrigerator. He works at a nursing home and they got a new one so they were giving this one away. So Adam and John, with the help of Adam's friend Luke moved the refrigerator from the nursing home to our house. They also moved a washer that John was getting.

I was at the Eagles while they were doind this. I had thought about going along, but decided not to because there really wasn't much for me to help them with. If I can barely lift a 32 inch tv, there's no way that I can lift a washer and refrigerator. If I would have gone, I think I just would have been in the way. Hopefully Adam remembered to plug the fridge in before he left for work this afternoon. When they loaded it up in the truck yesterday it was placed on its side so the freon probably leaked out or whatever it does when they're put on the side. All I know is that you're not supposed to plug it in for about a day because of it.

Since Luke allowed Adam to borrow his truck we all went to the Hookies and Adam bought Luke a few beers as repayment.

That night we put together an entertainment center that we had bought at Wal Mart the night before. It's cheap, but looks decent. It's just black with a glass door in the front and a shelf on each the left and right side that can be used to store movies. It looks really nice except that the tv is silver and the tv stand is black. I think it will look okay because my stereo will also go in our bedroom and that is both black and silver.

On Sunday nights we don't like going to sleep early because that only means that morning comes quicker and another week will start. We watched two movies; Bulletproof and Stand By Me. Adam put in The Simpsons but I fell asleep through the first episode.

I just found out that my work schedule will be changing slightly. Instead of 1:30 - 10 on Mondays and Wednesdays, I will be working from 3-11. I'm excited about it. I like how it stays the same on Tuesdays and Thursdays ; 1:30 -10 and Friday, still 8:30 - 5.
Another week ..... let's hope it's a good one.

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