Tuesday, Mar. 01, 2005

Another House, Another Year

Much has happened since I've written last. On both Friday and Monday I called work telling them that I was ill and wouldn't be able to come to work. ::: cough, cough:::. I need days to myself once in awhile. I've stated before that I think it's good for everyone to just say 'fuck it' from time to time and do something fun for the day, or just relax. The point is, work gets stressful and what a better way to deal with it than to call off. So that's what I did.

Really though, I had planned to go into work on Friday morning, bright and early at 8:30am. That's the only day of the week when I have to get up before noon. I'll admit it, it's hard for me to find the energy that early to get my lazy ass out of my warm, comfortable bed. It was especially difficult this past Friday so I called off. Adam got his uncle to fill in for him at his job so that we could spend the day together. Both of us were happy that we had the day to ourselves. We wanted to go back to sleep for a few more hours, but we ended up laying there talking for awhile and when we looked at the clock next it was time to get up and around.

Around 1pm we met our new landlord, Bob, at his car garage (he owns a small carlot in addition to owning apartments) so we could sign our lease. He told us that rent is always due on the first of each month, but we could start moving our stuff in that night anytime after 5pm. He still had some things to do inside which is why we couldn't go over there immediatly. I wish we could have though because at that point, I still hadn't seen the place. Instead, we met Nate and I bought us a nice bag of trees. I had cashed my income tax check at the bank prior to signing the lease because I needed the money for the security deposit and the first months rent.

That night I went to my parents' house while Adam went to shoot pool. My mother had ordered take out after she had gotten off work for the day so she brought that home for my dad and younger sister to eat. The food wasn't good but I'm glad that I went anyway. I hadn't been out to see my mom and dad for awhile. We live in the same town but I rarely make time ti visit with them. Yes, I do feel bad about it too. They're my parents .... I shouldn't have to 'make time' for them. I told them about the new half-a-double and about work, etc. They told me what was new with their lives too.

I really admite my parents. I admire them for raising my two sisters and I and for putting up with all the shit we put them through. Megan, Madison and I have all disrespected and disappointed them many times and yet, they still love us endlessly. It really amazes me. They provided for us (still providing for Madison; she's only 8yrs. old); gave us a nice home to live in and food to eat. They tried so hard to do what was right for us. My mom and dad did their best to have us experience new things by taking us on vacations, buying us pets, etc. For as long as I can remember, they always, my mom especially, spent time with my sisters and I which is why it's so different now. We no longer spend the time together as a family that we used to. I guess that's growing up though. I hope that someday I can give back to my parents what they gave to me.

Once I got back into town (my mother and father live 7 miles outside of town) I picked Adam up and we went to the bar. Adam shot in a partners pool tournament there. He only drank soda; no alcohol. Now, he could have drank if he wanted to but he chose not to which actually meant a lot to me. Refer to previous entries to see what I'm talking about. I don't feel like linking it right now. He was a good, so I agreed to go to another bar for some drinks after we smoked with Jack (one of Adam's friends from the pool match).

I was glad that I went back out for awhile because I actually enjoyed myself. Adam's dad, Harry, was tending bar and I always like going in there when he is working. Harry's girlfriend came in about twenty minutes after we got there so we sat and talked to her for awhile. I was explaining to her how Adam can't consume a large amount of alcohol without being mean to me. She laughed and said,"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." It was good talking to her. I wish I saw her more often.

Luckily I was in bed by a decent time Friday night because I was awake at 10:30am (early for me). I got showered and dressed, then waited around for Liz. We needed to take a shopping trip to King of Prussia. I love that mall. The last time that we were there was last year on her birthday. That's the date we figured out anyway. It was a fun little trip, but kind of weird because Heather wasn't with us like she usually is. Damn her for living in Cali. j/k. It would have been nice if there were more clothes at the mall that I liked though. Most stores that we looked in didn't have anything that really caught my eye. Since I didn't really have the money to be shopping in the first place I wanted to be selective with my purchases. The only stores that I bought clothes from were Express and Abercrombie.

Megan and I had talked on Friday night about her possible meeting Liz and I at the mall but she never called. I really miss my sister. She'll be home for spring break soon so I am just counting the days. I know my mom misses her too.

Liz and I didn't even get lost on the way home like we normally do. We were home by 9. She dropped me off and I waited only 10 minutes for boyfriend to get home. He brought a guest home to smoke with us. It was fun.

I was stoned when we left the house afterwards. We all were. Adam took his friend back to his vehicle and him and I went to see the new house. I wasn't so sure if I liked the place Saturday night when I saw it, but that's probably because it was dark inside and plus, I was stoned and paranoid.

We walked in the front door to a small living room. The floors are wooden with cream colored carpeting over them. Once I walked through the first living room, there was a second living room. This room was much bigger than the first. Same floors too. To the left of the second living room are the stairs. You can either go upstairs, or you can walk down about 3 steps into the kitchen that way. By going through the second livingroom to the left, you can also access the kitchen. Adam was right; the kitchen is huge. There are tons of cabinets above the sink with a long counter and stove at the end in the corner. We need to buy a refrigerator because one wasn't provided. We also need a table and chairs, microwave ....

Upstairs to the left is a bathroom and medium sized bedroom. Upstairs to the right is a smaller bedroom and at the end of the hall to the right is the largest bedroom. All of the bedrooms have decent sized closets. The closet space at our old apartment really sucked. We just had two, little closet. One I used solely for my shoes and purses which left the other one for Adam and I's clothes. I'm excited to have this much space to myself. My other apartment was big, but I never left my bedroom. The livingroom was always trashed and the roommates always had people over. There was just no privacy. I'm happy to have a place that will actually feel like mine. We have so many items that we need to purchase but once we get situated, we'll be okay.

My shopping trip that I went on Saturday must have worn me out because I woke up around 1pm on Sunday, then went back to sleep until 5pm! I decided that it was finally to get up. I know, it was about time! Sunday night is when Adam and I moved out all the smaller things from our bedroom. We took most of the smaller things up to the new house in about 2 or 3 car loads. We just sat everything in the livingroom, just to get it inside.

Yesterday morning Adam was up bright and early at 7am. The weather forecast was calling for a heavy snowstorm that was supposed to start at noon. We wanted everything done before the snow hit. Adam had told me the night before that I could sleep in and he would get someone to help him move all the big things. I tried going back to sleep but he wanted to rent a U-Haul to make the move easier. I had to get up to go with him to put it in my name. He has some parking ticket issues from a few years ago that he never resolved so he's always hesitant to give anyone his license. He wound up putting it in his name anyway though because I lost my license.

The last place that I remember having it was on Friday when I cashed my income tax check. They asked for it when I went through the drive through and I don't remember seeing it since. I went back to the bank to see if they found it but they hadn't. I swear though, I don't even remember getting it back. The bank teller told me that she usually paperclips it to the money and puts it in the envelope. If that was the case, then I def. didn't have it. Adam told me to pull over and make sure I had the correct amount of money in the envelope which I did. I didn't see my license there. I'll have to get a new one now.

With the help of Adam's friend Ben, we loaded everything else that we hadn't moved on Sunday night into the U-Haul. We were able to take everything in one trip which was such a big help. If we would have borrowed someones truck, it would have taken us about 7 separate trips back and forth. The U-Haul was much easier. It didn't take as long as I thought it would either; about 2-3 hrs at most. It was a pain in the ass but I'm so glad it's done. We still have to put shit away but at least everything is there.

Mr. Skins was upset about the move at first. He could tell that something was up as soon as I started carrying him out of the apartment. And oh boy, when I got outside with him he started squirming around and trying to get away from me. He actually did jump out of my arms and onto the ground, but I cornered him and was able to get him into the car with me. He had his head down on my lap the entire carride which was only about 8 minutes. He was meowing strangely and his tail was poofed out. He was scared! He's never known any other place, aside from the pet shop, than our old apartment. I took him away from what was familiar to him. Not only that, I took him away from his best and only friend, Auto. I feel bad. We need to get him a playmate; another kitten or perhaps a puppy. I don't want Mr. Skins to be lonely.

I still can't believe that our lease to our old apartment was up already. A whole year had gone by.

Last night was our first night sleeping at our new place and Adam and I slept very soundly. Another house, another year.....

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