Monday, Jan. 31, 2005

Stawberry Wine

My day at work seemed to drag on and on when I was here on Friday. As the day started to progress, I just got more and more sleepy. I even thought about cancelling my plans to go to the mall with Liz to just go home and catch a nap instead. But, I made plans and I didn't really have a good reason to cancel them so I went over to her house after work.

As we were driving to the mall I decided that I needed to splurge and spend a lot of money buying myself nice, new things. I was going to hit up Victoria's Secret, buy new shoes, and a couple of new outfits too. But I couldn't find a damn thing that I liked. I ended up spending a total of $30.00 on a pair of new sweatpants and a tank top from Aeropastale (I love sales). Not a bad deal though.

There was a women at the Aeropastale checkout counter who didn't have her receipt and was giving the staff a hard time about getting a refund. Their policy is that if you don't have your receipt, they will give a refund at the sales price. It sucks that you don't get the full amount back, but what do you expect? This women was one of those customers who would really annoy me if I were working there. She would not give up and let these poor employees alone. I cannot stand customers who don't realize that you don't make these rules; you just follow them. Anyway, I was purchasing my items listening to the women and the girl at the counter when this women turns to me and asks in this raspy voice,"Can I be rude?"

"Excuse me?" I said.

She then proceeded to ask me if my hair were real. When I was at the checkout counter she must have seen me fix my hair. I took it out of my clip that I had it in and then put it up again. It was bothering me because pieces of hair on the front kept falling down and into my eyes so that I couldn't see.

She explained to me that she had been at the hair salon earlier and saw those ponytail holders with what looks like real hair on them. They're made wear to make your hair look fuller when you have it up in a ponytail. She thought my real hair was one of those. I politely told her that no, it was not one of those things; it was in fact, my real hair. Liz stod there and laughed at me.

By the time we got back from the mall it was time for me to pick Adam up from work. Since I didn't get to drink wine last week when I wanted to, we stopped by the liquor store and bought a bottle. We also got B-52's (Jack Daniel's watermelon and some white russians) for Adam to drink.

We started drinking when we got home. The strawberry zimfendel was so good. It's my favorite. As soon as I knew it, the bottle was almost gone. I was proud of myself because I usually don't /can't drink like I used to. I was having fun and feeling good. And I kept singing that Deana Carter song, Strawberry Wine over and over to myself. Nothing like a good wine buzz. It beats the beer buzz by far, in my opinion. It's more relaxing.

For part of the night Adam and I sat in bed together drinking wine and smoking. We tried to think of something to do but the ideas of watching a movie or playing video games seemed boring to us so we decided to rent the jacuzzi room at a hotel nearby. I think the idea originated from Adam saying that his back hurt and wished he could take a hot bath (we only have a shower).

He drove over since I was more drunk than he was at this point. It was weird checking into a hotel that was five minutes away from my house. I made him go into the lobby and put the name in his room though. I was drunk and felt like sitting in the car.

The room was nice. It had a king sized bed with a tv, and two chairs in one room, and then another separate room for the jacuzzi, plus the bathroom, of course. At home, we only have a twin sized bed, so we adore sleeping in king sized beds. Someday we will get one for ourselves. It's just not something that we need to spend money on right now. Although, I bet a better bed would help Adam's back feel better.

It had been such a long time since I had been in a jacuzzi. The last time that I was in one was here. We smoked cigarettes as we waited for the jacuzzi to fill up and I actually got in while it was only halfway full without the jets on. At first the water was too hot but it was so nice when we got it at the perfect temperature.

Seriously, jacuzzis are very relaxing. All thoughts of work and any other stressful thing in my life was washed away at that time. For once, I was completlely stuck in the moment. I wasn't worried or stressed or upset. I was content.

Before we left home to go to the hotel, Adam had already rolled a joint for us. So we relaxed and smoked a jay together. Sex in jacuzzis are always fun, but this time was even more so. We used those jacuzzi jets to our advantage. I liked it, but he liked it even more I think because it was all he talked about the next day.

The only thing I really did on Saturday was go out to my parents' house. My dad's birthday was on the 28th, so I wanted to give him his gift before too long. My father is the hardest person to buy a present for. He doesn't ask for much of anything and it's not like he really needs anything. Also, he doesn't have many hobbies because he doesn't have a lot of time for them. That's why I got him a gift certificate for FYE, a music store in the mall. It's funny because my mom and him were planning on going to the mall that night too.

I ate dinner with them and visited for a few hours. I was glad that I remembered to bring my W-2's along because my dad was able to file them for me. I'll be getting around $900.00 back. I know that I should use the money to pay bills, but I'd rather use it for buying new things for our new apartment or a new, big screen tv. I've been wanting one of those for awhile now. I don't know...maybe I'll use some for bills and some for myself.

While I was at my parents' house, Adam was at the bar. It's not too often that I visit my parents at their house, but when I do, I usually go for a few hours and eat dinner or lunch with them. Adam is always invited too but never goes with me. I never said anything about how it bothers me that he doesn't go, but it does and this time I decided to make it clear. I told him that it's not only insulting to me, but insulting to my family that he doesn't come along. I realize that it isn't a fun thing for him to do, but god, have some respect. I always go to his family outtings and shit when they have them. If I can visit with his family, can't he visit with mine for just a few hours instead of being at the bar? It kind of hurts that he doesn't want to spend time with them or get to know them better.

I was pretty fired up so we argued about it a little bit until I finally said that I was done talking about it. If his family ever has an event that that we're asked to attend, he shouldn't even bother asking me to go with him. I told him that he can go by himself. Seems fair to me.

Late Saturday night a few people came over to our place to hang out. Our neighbor from downstairs played a few songs for us on the guitar and they were amazing. He played all originals except for one. It was awesome except for the fact that he wouldn't leave. He stayed for a long time and I was getting tired. How do you tell someone to get out of your house without being rude?

Today is Roland's birthday. Roland is an older guy who is kind of friends with Adam's dad. Roland is a little slow, and doesn't have much money at all. He lives in a one room apartment above the bar. His wife died in a car crash years ago and her brother took all of the money that was supposed to be left for Roland. He doesn't have much, but he would do anything that he could for you and has a heart of gold. So yesterday Adam took him out for his birthday.

Roland doesn't have a car, so Adam and another guy, Steve, took him around to a few places for beers. They stopped back at my apartment so Adam and Steve could carry my vanity upstairs from my car (finally - it had been sitting in the back seat of my car for over a month!). I wished Roland a happy birthday on his way out. He was getting lost in our house and Steve was telling him where to go. Roland kept saying,"I know, it's my apartment." He kept thinking that my apartment was his!

When Adam got home he told me that while they were out, Roland almost fell off of a bar stool, fell in the parking lot while he was trying to get in the car and kept saying ridiculous things to people. I should have gone along for the entertainment I suppose.

Sunday nights are sucky because I know that the next day I have to go back to work. Adam and I decided to go back to the hotel to get in the jacuzzi again. You know, since it was our last night of the weekend and all. We left for the hotel earlier than we did on Friday night. This time we got there at about 9pm. We checked in, put our stuff in the room and then went to a fire company for a drink.

We smoked bongs in the jacuzzi when we got back, and had amazing sex again. Wasn't as good as Friday night though.
He told me that he was really turned on by me and the jacuzzi. I teased him that the only reason he wanted to go back to the hotel was to have jacuzzi sex again.

I got to sleep another two hours after getting back to our place. Checkout at the hotel was at 11 and I work at 1:30. It was nice to go back to sleep and not rush around and get ready for work right away.

No, we didn't go apartment shopping on Saturday like I had wanted to, but tomorrow is another day I guess. Hope all of your weekends were as good as mine.

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