Jul. 30, 2004

Blowfish Cheeks

It's Fridaaaayyyy !!!! Another week done and over with. The weekend starts in and hour and a half....just have to wait a little longer.

Surprisingly, this week flew by. I had a nice week actually. Work was a little less stressful than it usually is for me. I wish every week could be like that.

I watched Scary Movie 3 with Liz, Heather, Jenn M., and Ana last night. I had already seen the movie, but we were keeping Heather company because she got her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. Her mouth isn't all that puffy either.

My wisdom teeth were taken out four summers ago. Adam and I had just started hanging out back then. Look how far we've come in four years. It's weird to think about. I said to him last night that I hope he doesn't plan on breaking up with anytime soon because I would never find a better guy than he is.

He told me last night that he was buying a new cell phone after we pay rent. He's getting it from a friend who switched carriers and doesn't need the phone anymore. The phone I am getting is only a few months old. How nice is that?! I get a new phone for no reason at all....I do love him more than anyone and anything.

I've never had feelings this strong for anyone else; ever. I don't want to lose the feeling. That scares me.

I've never been this happy with anyone.

missdahling at 8:26 p.m.