Sept. 01, 2004

Miss You Love

Last night ....

The Eagle's ----> Danley's ----> home ----> Giant ----> then home for the night.

He fucked the shit out of me last night. He went down on me for the first time in about a week, although he claims it had been longer than that. He loves doing that to me. In fact, when we were in Giant at the check out register, he whispered to me,"I wanna go down on you right now."

I like when he fucks me doggy style with my legs and knees tucked closely together. He was pounding me.... hard, too. I couldn't help but scream....and moan...and sigh. It was absolutly wonderful.

And today, I woke up in a good mood. I got more sleep than I had in the past few nights, so I slept well; woke up feeling refreshed. I thought about him tons throughout today. I sent him a text message that said,"I wish we could hang out right now because I miss you."

I like sending him cute little messages like that.

He called a little while ago and said he misses me too.

I cannot wait to hang out with him tonight. It's ashame that I have to wait another six hours to do so.

missdahling at 9:16 p.m.