Aug. 03, 2004

Missing 2001

I always wonder what my friends from Bloom are up to these days, but lately, it's on my mind a lot. Some of the people who I was a summer freshman with failed out, some went to other colleges, some decided not to come back for one reason or another, and others are still there; most of them will be seniors this year. But I miss that summer and all the people I used to see everyday in class, and every night at parties.

Jaquolyn's number has been in my phone since I met her, but I haven't called it in about three years until last night. I got the voice mail and didn't leave a message. I'm not really sure if she still has that number or not, but I thought I'd call anyway. I wish someone would have answered.

Taryn is usually on the internet over summer break, but I don't talk to her. I never message her and she never messages me. Our friendship faded out over the past few years. What was once a very strong friendship is now nothing. When I last spoke with her she was still undecided about her major. Seeing that she is supposed to be graduating in the next year or two, she's probably chosen one. I should IM her one of these days before the end of August when school starts again and she doesn't have the internet anymore.

Taryn and Jaquolyn were my two best friends that I made at school, but it would be really nice to see everyone that I met. So many people I'd like to get in touch with ....

Jaquolyn, Taryn and I had nicknames for everyone and weird inside jokes. Just to refresh my memory, and to reminisce a little, here are some of them....

1. The Woodland Creature

2. Poppy Eyes

3. Little Dan

4. Terrets

5. "They think they're sooooo cool!"

6. "The woodland creature loves you!"

7. "Adam S****** ... W O O O O O !!!"

8. "I'm not drunk!"

9. The Guy from the 80's

10. Diabetes

Memories...I miss summer 2001.

missdahling at 7:12 p.m.