Aug. 05, 2004

Attic Treasures

Earlier this afternoon Adam called me and said that Malone and Kevin discovered two 'secret rooms' in our house. There was a door behind one of the walls in a room upstairs and there is also a door behind one of the closet walls. The room from the closet has steps which leads to the other room. Each room is filled with old books from the 1800's. We decided that if they are valuable to split the money five ways. I hope, I hope they are worth something.

It was a little creepy when I found out about them. Who knows what else we have in our house and what went on in there before we lived there. Malone and Nicole have tried to buy ouiji boards but haven't found anywhere that sells them. It is freaky, but it's also kind of cool. It's interesting none the less.

We had people over last night. Not too many; just Mike, his brother and his brother's girlfriend, Liz and Jenn, another kid who I don't know, Nate L., and Danny F. We played pong but I didn't drink because they were using water cups. Besides, I don't like the taste of Key Light anymore.

I left the upstairs for awhile to smoke by myself. I was finishing a bowl when I started to feel it kick in, but knew I wouldn't be as high as I like so I smoked another bowl.

I ended up at the Eagle's for longer than intended. He was supposed to be out at 3:30 but we left at 4 because idiotic customer's of his were gambling. I was a little angry.

Adam brought up an exciting / interesting topic last night. He already knows what he is getting me for Christmas! He said that he was just going to get it for me one day out of the blue, but then thought of other things that could go with it.

I hate to say it, but when he told me that he knew what he was getting me, my first guess was an engagement ring. Of course I didn't tell him this. I smiled and begged for him to tell me what it is. I doubt it is an engagement ring because 1.) Why would he just buy me one out of the blue? and 2.)He doesn't have the money right now. It would be awesome though.

So the ring was my first guess. My second guess is an animal. Probably a dog. I've been wanting one for awhile now. I always talk about getting one and he would also like a puppy. So it could be that.

Last year he was thinking about getting me the bracelet (actually this is the gift that he did buy me) or a stereo for my car. I don't have the civic anymore, so I doubt he'll get me that.

This is going to irritate me. Christmas is five months away and he already knows what he is buying me.

Speaking of which, he bought my new cell off of Burke. It is a Samsung x426. It's a nice phone and a lot newer than the one I have now. I have to buy a card or something for it though. I hope it isn't expensive. Shouldn't be, but who knows. I think I'm going go to the mall and see about it this weekend. If I can get the card, I will get my number switched over too.

Tonight I don't have anything to do so I am going to try to catch up on some sleep.

missdahling at 8:21 p.m.