Aug. 30, 2004

No, I'm Not hungry Sir

No matter what I do, it seems that as of late, I can never have a nice Friday night. We fought again because I didn't want anything to eat from the Burger King drive through. I had a fish sandwich earlier that day and had said that I was hungry. I wasn't hungry though when I got off work which is when we went through the drive through.

It caused a bigger fight than needed even though it wasn't that big of a deal because I didn't make it one. We argued for a short while, then he said he was going to sleep, so I let him.

He passed out at about midnight. Since it was still early and had nothing to do, I went to the diningroom to talk to Nicole. We smoked a bowl when Matt got home. Adam had our weed in his pocket so I had scraps to share which sucked because all they had were scraps. We each got one G-Bong hit.

Adam woke up shortly after I went back in our bedroom. He apologized and I accepted. He was like,"It pisses me off that you don't eat some days. It just isn't healthy."

I guess his intentions were there, but he didn't need to be so mean about it.

Saturday, I had a much better day. We slept in, went to the Eagle's for some drinks and then to the Edison. I usually don't like the Edison at all, but I was starved, stoned, and the place was about a block away. I ordered steak and he got wings and a cosmo. My steak could have been better. I knew I didn't like the Edison for a reason.

We rented movies to watch while we got high. Kill Bill Vo. 2 and Punch Drunk Love. I couldn't get into any of them so I asked if we could put in Family Guy. Yes, we are simple.

We had sex for the first time in two nights. It was nice. I went to sleep and he watched Kill Bill.

On Sunday I went to the mall to pick up my bracelet and return some jeans. While I was doing this, I dropped Adam off at the laundromat. Our clothes are finally clean! We hadn't done laundry in two months. I finally have clothes to wear and I am excited.

We ate dinner at the Ends, then went to the Eagle's. We weren't out very long....until about 9:30 or so.

It was relaxing last night. We watched tv, had sex twice before going to sleep.

I woke up at 5 am this morning and couldn't go back to bed until about 10. Ugh. It sucked. I want to go home. Work has been really, really busy the past couple of days. I'm glad we hired someone new because we need an extra person. The day has been going by quickly though. The 10 o'clock our will be here before I know it. Then, it's home sweet home.

missdahling at 6:56 p.m.