Jun. 08, 2004

Nice Guy

Work is going unbelievably slow today. Not busy at all. It isn't a bad thing though. I'd rather have it slow, than busy. I get less irritated that way.

Last night I went to the Eagle's after I hungout with Liz. Since there were only two other people there besides me, Adam suggested that we all go back to our house to smoke. We invited Nicole to smoke with us too, and then we asked where Malone was.

He lied to her and said that he was at work all day. In all actuality he was in Bloom partying with Dodge. I don't think he got back until this morning.

I felt so bad for her. It's the worst when the person you love lies to you. It wasn't fair to her. I know that if Adam ever did anything like that to me, I'd be furious; and sad too of course.

I wonder if they made up yet....

Now Malone is a nice guy, I think. At least, he always seemed to be nice. That's just the thing though...how do you know a nice guy when you see one? I used to think there was no such thing. Now that Adam and I are together I realize that there are good guys out there. So, is Malone an asshole, or is he a nice guy who just made a mistake? And if he is a nice guy, maybe there are tons of nice guys out there who just make mistakes? I dunno. It's weird to think about.

missdahling at 9:38 p.m.