Jun. 01, 2004

I MIss Being a Drunk

I�m back to work after a three day weekend. Even though I was glad to have the day off yesterday, I�m sure I will be regretting it when I see my paycheck. I just got paid on Friday, took out three hundred dollars from the bank and I have about twenty dollars left. I don�t know how I do that, but it pisses me off. I have to try not to spend so much. I need to save.

I paid Adam fitty dollaz for trees that he bought last Thursday. I was regretting it though because he pissed me off so bad after I picked him up from work. He left me waiting in the car by myself for a fucking hour because he was inside gambling. I tried my hardest to be patient, but after about forty minutes I finally lost my cool and called his cell. He tried to justify things by saying that it wasn�t a planned thing. Him and a friend got so far into it, spent x amount of money and needed to keep going to take off the board (if you�ve ever played punch boards before you know what I�m talking about). He put over one hundred dollars into the board and didn�t win a thing. Heh heh. Makes me kinda happy that he didn�t win.

That was the start to a bad night. He just had to go to the Eagle�s after that to say hi and see who all was there. Say hi �.. to people he sees on a daily basis. I wanted him to come home and hang out with me. The plan for the night was to just go home and hang out anyway. He said he would only be thirty minutes. He was supposed to be home at midnight. �Supposed to� are the key words in that sentence. At twenty after one he walks in the door. He was still at the Eagle�s shooting pool with Ben. I was angry at Adam for being late, and I was angry at Ben for calling him to hang out ten minutes before he was supposed to be home.

What really pisses me off is that the next morning he acted like everything was fine and dandy. Without telling him where I went, I went to the mall to get a new outfit for the wedding. I always wait until last minute to do those things. But I found the cutest outfit. A pink, red and white flowered, flowing skirt about knee length, a pink v-neck shirt and pink Steve Madden shoes. They are so cute ! I let Meg borrow them. I hope nothing bad happens to them. I would be so mad if she ruins them because they were the only pair they had in my size.

The wedding that we went to was the absolute shortest ceremony I have ever been to in my life. From the time the wedding party walked down the aisle to the time the guests were out of their seats was only about fifteen minutes. It was crazy. However, it was such a beautiful day for it since it was outside. I didn�t like the bride�s dress, nor did I like the bride�s maid�s dresses. The bride�s jewelry was nice though. I�m too picky.

The reception was at the VFW in Selinsgrove. Not really much to say about it�it was just like any other reception that I�ve been to. Nothing real special, but it was nice.

Now, when Adam and I got to the reception, Brandon was already drunk. We all went to the Social Club after the reception and Brandon got even more drunk. He was so ridiculous. He smoked cigarettes for the very first time. Menthol will get ya everytime!

I have my period so I didn�t have sex Saturday night. I did give him a blow job though. A good blow job I might add. At least I thought it was good�..he thought so too by the things he was saying to me.

Adam worked his last Sunday ever at the Eagles. Dayshift from 9-6. Not too bad. We went to the Social Club after he got off work for a girl�s 21st birthday party. It was some party too �. At least one hundred people were present. It was pretty awesome. Plus, Adam and I got to meet Harry�s new girlfriend. She is really nice. They make a great couple.

We were home early on Sunday night which was nice. I got so much sleep Sunday night � Monday. I don�t think I got out of bed until about six pm. It was awesome. I waked a baked too. I was very stoned. Not to mention very bored. I called Megan and she came over for about twenty minutes. After she let I decided to go to the bar. I got a sudden craving for captain and coke. So, I sat and drank some of those and also had a few shots.

When Liz called to hang out I was nice and lit up. The weed I smoked probably helped, but I was feeling drunk. I haven�t felt like that in awhile. I miss being a drunk. Yes I do.

This was such a stressful day today. It was busy as hell. All the idiots were calling my job. I can�t stand it. To make matters worse, Adam calls and tells me that he�s going to the Eagle�s with Malone for some beers. That�s great. Him and I usually hang out on Tuesday nights. He pisses me off.

missdahling at 9:36 p.m.